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Dear vaccine

I heard an interesting interview on CBC. The University of Arizona is seeking poetry submissions about how the vaccine has made us feel. So below is my version using a couple of the suggested prompts. I’ve had this in my draft file for a while and just reworked it to reflect new feelings and, sadly, the current world situation.

Covid stole
    Sad final farewells
    Sweet newborn snuggles
    School first days and grads
    Sitting around the table
    Sports and social times

Dear vaccine
    You gave us back

Long hugs & sweet kisses

Noisy family suppers

Game nights & good times

New vistas and old country roads

Vaccine Please

Science leapt ahead with you Let us leap back to “normal” Let us play, work & dance together Let us rejoice in that but…

Dear vaccine

Some are scared of you They run and hide They pretend you are a bad thing They give you a bad rap They need you so Covid backs off

“Forget the vaccine selfie: This project asks people to write poems to their COVID-19 shot”

Hassler said the first prompt, “Dear vaccine…,” is about sharing what the shot means to you, and the impact it will have on your life. The second prompt is “We liked…” and lets people write about life before the pandemic; while the third prompt “It’s the…” is intended to conjure images of the physical act of getting the shot. The final prompt, “Vaccine, please…” is about your hopes and wishes for coming out of the pandemic.

I used some artistic license and created my own “Covid stole” heading. Also when this came out a few months ago I guess it felt like Covid in the Rearview mirror but the reality is the fourth wave is already hitting. It’s not even waiting for fall and still people, despite the numbers showing the difference, refuse the vaccine. Imagine if people had felt that polio was better than a shot to prevent it. Or if we all decided that seatbelts were bogus and a hoax and that they didn’t work. Trauma rooms would be so much busier and orthopedic surgeons would never rest. Yes it is people’s personal choice but, and it’s a big but, their choices have a huge impact on the health care system status and it is much more far reaching than just busy ICU’s and Covid wards. Much more far reaching and it means that Covid wins another round. The death toll and long hauler list will continue to climb. Eventually herd immunity will be reached by those of us that got the shot (61% are totally vaccinated in Canada today) and those that got Covid itself. Hard way to get there but that’s how it appears to be rolling out. So stay safe and manage your risks.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

4 thoughts on “Dear vaccine

  1. Hi, Bernie – I love the thought-provoking prompts and your responses to them. COVID did (and continues to) steal so much. The Vaccine offers the chance to change this destruction. What other proof do we need?


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting on my Covid poetry. Yes the pandemic is not over by a long shot but it could be. Both this submission spot, the Canadian Heritage site and the U of S all had a deadline on submissions which is a bit crazy considering it’s NOT over.


  2. Covid is still here. I am doing less again, not planning for anything in the immediate future. We’re not to 50% vaccinated in this state and I live in a county that is on red alert, meaning wear masks again. Most people are not doing that, so I have a feeling this is going to be another year of me/us staying at home to stay safe. *sigh*


    1. I can not hit the Like button on your comment. It is a sad sad commentary about those around us that us double vaccinated ones are the ones taking the precautions. Yes this 4th wave is coming faster than I anticipated, again sadly. We do have a couple of plans (Sept long trip to Calgary for my MIL internment) and then to Jasper National Park to celebrate our 40th in October. Now that trip we have a cabin and can be self contained except for gas stations.
      You are the only one to put a comment on this post. Pure politeness that made you stop by and read my poetry? I have hemmed and hawed about even posting it but in the end I decided nothing ventured nothing gained. It’s not like I need a “grade” on it to hit publish.

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