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#Sundaystills shapes

The theme this week is geometry. Which lead me to right angle triangles and trigonometry and how that was NOT my thing. At all. But, and it’s a good but, my best friend totally got it. So much so that she taught it to me, one of many reasons I still love her. Not surprising that she ended up as a high school math teacher; one that students gave many accolades to.

Which leads me, in a round about way, to my favourite geometric shape. (Or is it even considered an official shape? Well yes according to a couple of math sites it is indeed.) The tie is her gift to me on my 50th birthday. The post is an oldie but highlights my fav shape in my Happy Hearts Series . We exchanged a quick text conversation this morning. This falls under the grateful category that this friendship is still going strong 62 years later.

hearts in squares on rectangle bags

There are other shapes that work in my life.

Sometimes one just needs a gentle reminder (as easy as looking at old photos) to find the gratitude, focus on the positives and embrace the good in life. Yes there are tough times, droughts, floods, famines and so much despair. But, and once again this is a good but, there are also a lot on the plus side.

Thanks once again to http://Terri at Second Wind Leisure Perspectives for hosting. These prompts really help me find a focus and find gratitude.

Pretty easy to tell what favourite geometric shape mine is! What shape is your favourite?



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

15 thoughts on “#Sundaystills shapes

  1. I love the creative slants that you always bring to #SundayStills posts, Bernie! Heart Shapes are among my favourite! And gifts from friends make them that much more special.
    I look forward to discovering what you come up with for the bug edition!

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    1. I’ve already got a great angle on the bug one and perhaps I will finally manage to a)get a video to upload and b)use a scheduled post. But don’t hold your breath!
      Thanks for enjoying my slant. I’m much more a heart shape than trapezoidal! Gifts from friends are the best and time with them – even better!


  2. My favourite shape is a PIE shape – which often leads to a PEAR shape which isn’t my favourite ……. but I am really getting into POST shapes, and yours top the list! Enjoy today!


    1. Ah thanks for the very cool comment. Yes the pear shape is happening here but gosh those desserts were so good! Today started with a bad sleep but rain and now sunshine so it’s all good. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Makes my day!


  3. I like where you took the prompt, BernieLynne! Hearts are a cardioid shape with straight lines and curves. I looked it up! A great collection of angles and shapes you shared! I did not do well with geometry either, so I get it, LOL!


    1. Terri, yes that’s the answer I found when I looked hearts up but it didn’t flow into my story of loving my friend and her heart shaped gift. How thoughts are gifts we can give ourselves by being grateful and by living in the moment. Yeah I am quite certain I remember 2 things from those classes. Glad I wasn’t alone! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a good week. I must check out the theme for next week now and see if I can pull it together even while on holidays. Bernie

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  4. Like you, I share an affinity for heart shapes.
    Lovely post Bernie — for some reason your posts have gone into my ‘promotions’ folder in gmail. Good thing I went looking this morning — your reminders are very timely. ❤


    1. That’s interesting Louise – someone I follow – her posts just totally disappeared and I have had to follow her again and twice it hasn’t worked.
      Well yes I just might have guessed you would be a lover of the heart shaped! Glad you enjoyed the post and the reminder of gratitude. Thanks for making the effort to follow me. Bernie


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