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It’s back

The end of May brought a serious change. I turned up the June calender and there are lots of activities scheduled. That seems so weird because other than my work it’s been empty for so long. Sports are now allowed here and so my other half resumed his soccer life. There are also meetings, vaccine dates (!) and a doctor’s appointment. Just like that it’s all back.

So the sounds were all familiar and yet it seemed strange. Players calling for the ball, vehicle noise in the background with the beach volleyball music in the background. The sports complex area seemed as busy as usual and although there was some obvious social distancing not everyone was and not a lot of masks. It seemed just the “seniors” like us. Granted it is all outdoors so that does decrease the risk.

I sat in the stands, socially distanced, from my friend. It was the first time we have seen each other since last March. She said it felt awkward. I found the post game drink thing daunting and so sent my other half to the outside lounge without me and besides they could only half six per table and there are 12 on the team. Not everyone goes but it is a real team building aspect for these guys; it’s their social world as well so I felt better mentally to skip it.

It’s strange how ordinary it feels until someone comes too close. Then it feels like somewhere I would rather not be – kind of like those certain crowded spots in Costco that make me cringe.

I chose to sit under a tree in the shade and absorb the atmosphere while contemplating this blog post. Well that is until the frigging ants drove me crazy and I had to find a park bench. Then I grew restless and wandered over to the community garden to check it out. I also found some liliacs bushes on public property at the recycling center which made my day!

I wish we all had our second doses before we opened up but the vaccination rates are meeting the targets and hospitalizations are done so I guess it makes sense. I guess at this point we all do what feels right in our own minds and communities. I was ok with an outside visit but not ok with close contact around a table so I didn’t.

The holding pattern is falling away. Life is resuming, for better or for worse, we are still all in this together.


Ps the soccer team becomes a bubble of 12 players times four teams and the same referee. It’s over 50 soccer so there’s not a lot of body contact. I know that the guys on Ron’s team have most likely all had their first shots and like us live a fairly risk-free lifestyle.


I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

13 thoughts on “It’s back

  1. Hi, Bernie – When I first opened your post and read the first three visible words “Pandmic it’s back”, I must admit I had a bit of a fright. Then I realized that ‘Pandemic’ was the post category. Phew! I agree that it is both wonderful and strange to have socializing oportunitiies now open up all around us. With this much isolation for so long, a bunch of us may need to sign up for a refresher Dale Carnegie course. I fear that I do! 😀

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    1. That’s kind of comical that somehow it showed up like that! It’s not back — in fact we truly do seem to be on the down hill side of the curve. But it really is a double edged sword — wonderful and strange as you said. It’s so weird as I am an extrovert but I’m not rushing out anywhere. Thanks for commenting; it’s so nice to have engaged readers.

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    1. Canada is at 6% fully vaccinated while the USA is at 41.8%. The thing is, and I suspect you will agree, is that you just don’t know who is and isn’t and what their risk level is. Due for my second dose tomorrow. My husband in 10 days. Yeah! Thanks for reading.

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  2. I LOVE lilacs!! My fav time of year.
    And it wasn’t awkward, it was just odd. A hug would have been preferred!


    1. That’s a good way to look at it. Our own senior’s guard! Second doses will help feel more comfortable for sure. Thanks for stopping by and continuing to read and respond. Bernie

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  3. I understand your weird feelings about being busy, doing things with people, again. Everything out there in the world seems awkward to me now. I’ve yet to socialize, but have begun to shop in stories and to have people do maintenance things around the house. I liked our cocoon, but must move on. Safely, of course.


    1. Ally, I look at news reports of full stadiums for hockey games and the Indianapolis 500 and think you must be the only one left at home! Second doses much farther ahead than in Canada so maybe that makes people more comfortable. I’m with you in that the cocoon was an ok place and it’s a challenge to embrace life outside it. Which is weird for an extrovert like me but I truly enjoyed the time at home. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Bernie


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