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Months of Madness

One might think that I was referring to the pandemic with that title. But actually for once it’s not at the front of my mind.

No it’s just that time of year again. The one where I go missing from this blog for long periods. This will be especially true this year and here is a run down of why. Read on and then stand in line to call me crazy.

The house blog over sets the scene so to speak. Like literally with the title of Scene 2 Act 1 followed by act 2 and 3. We hope to have that completed by May long but I suspect that’s highly optimistic.

It very well may be interrupted by another important project. We need (could almost use caps lock that’s how important it is) a railing around the side deck and a hand rail down the stairs. This will help relieve heart attacks when the 2 year old disappears around that corner of the house. It’s being created by our son’s friend on his days off with man power supplied by us so while it is only a solid 4 days to build, the entire project will be a couple or weeks if we include the powder coating and final installation.

In amongst all of that is the garden and yard work. There are trees that need to be dug around, landscape fabric added and mulching hauled to them. Plus it’s drier than a pepper fart here so that means evenings hauling water for the trees. Plus 12 yards of mulch to spread around the big flower garden and a few plants to delete and some to add. I love the outside time, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a big list as per usual. I just have to remember to work smart not hard. LOL – like I will stop when my back says…

In amongst all of that our landscaping buddy is on tap to show up. Hopefully after the shingles and probably before the railing. We did most of the prep work ourselves for the back patio so it’s fairly straight forward for him to do that section. But then we are adding a little garden edged with rocks for plants that love the absolute scorching heat. But the big part of his job is the sidewalk to the front door which apparently, according to the engineer, needs a bridge for water drainage. So we are creating said bridge and I want a little front “gate” area at the entrance. Sort of like the one that shows in the last photo of Old Things Garden .

So that seems like a full summer when one throws in a weekly outside visit with our “littles” and perhaps soccer for my other half. We hope to have the odd small outdoor socially responsible distanced gathering and go camping in our own province. Sites are all booked and the camper ……

Well there’s the thing. I mean it seemed like more fun than a root canal. We’ve decided our new to us trailer definitely doesn’t look new. It looks very dated be honest even the new ones have the same brown pathways and brown heavy fabrics. It’s like the designers are stuck in the 80’s. So armed with some good old fashioned elbow grease, engineering know how and the ability to sew we’ve embarked on a make over. Then to top it all off, as if the plate wasn’t full enough, I created

Because really it deserves its own witty sarcastic record of the restoration. Text and picture light. The opposite of the house blog which becomes a bit heavy (Ok maybe a lot heavy but it’s also loaded with photos). Hence the new blog.

Calling it “lake vibes”

So as you can tell blogging here will be hit and miss as it usually is during construction season. I will try to post on the house blog every second Sunday and over 3six5snap I still have my daily photo going. Occasionally there may be cross over photos if that’s all I’ve managed to get pics of but hopefully I can juggle all these items during these months of madness. It’s a good kind of busy. It means there is no spring cleaning going on inside the house but we are inspired with what’s going on outside.

And somehow that became a mini novel! Thanks for bearing with me.

Take care. Back again one of these fine days.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

16 thoughts on “Months of Madness

    1. Donna, no need to be in awe. It is just good that it keeps me busy and my mind engaged in something other than you know what. It also keeps me off most social media sites for the most part and that’s good. On the down side – I don’t find time to read from April to Nov and I have to remind myself about fitness and self care!


    1. Our summers are always full of construction and gardening and partying. No parties this year again so might as well work hard so next year we can party hard! Trying to remember to work smart so we stay sane and our bodies survive!


    1. Oops. This comment ended up in the wrong spot! Yes much to do and lots of it hard physical labour but that’s ok. It’s setting out to be another isolated spring and summer here and it keeps me busy and my mind racing about this and not about all the Covid idiots and sufferers and health care providers are up to.

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  1. Oh, I am interested in following along on your trailer restoration! I clicked on the link but it said page not found. I will check back later. Good luck with all your projects, Bernie!



    1. Oops – my reply to you went elsewhere. I will explore why the link isn’t working and also put a sidebar on the main blog with the link (good learning opportunity). So far it’s been going well although not as quick as YouTube says!

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      1. It’s not quite how I wanted to link it (wanted to do it like the 1918 Eaton’s Eager blog connection where the posts show) but it does show up under blogs I follow. I have spent 30 minutes trying to figure it out and that was the best I could do!

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    1. I guess we are really wicked! It is pretty much a juggling act as you said. I’m always thinking what step is next so I can have all our supplies ready. I love projects so it’s my happy place but by fall I will be ready for a rest! Take care and thanks for stopping by. Bernie

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