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In Stark Contrast

The quiet is broken by a pair of geese who land on the grass. The road traffic noise is an intermittent rumble. The sun feels warm and a sense of peace should be present.

But instead I feel a quiet outrage at some people of this city. The ones who had the audacity to host an anti mask rally in front of the Vimy Memorial.  Of all locations that they would chose this one to complain about a public health order. One that pales compared to why that very memorial exists. No one has asked them to give up their life for their beliefs like the men who went off to war and never came home. Indeed if they end up with Covid19 due to their own stupidity negligence stupidity health care teams will fight to save their lives. No one will turn them away despite the fact that they think it is all a hoax and that the government is trying to control us.

My Wednesday afternoon view
In stark contrast

We wear seat belts and will receive a ticket if we don’t. I can tell you personally from years as a trauma nurse that there are other consequences to not wearing your seat belt; indeed it can claim limbs or lives. But usually it is your own limb or life.

Public health guidelines keep us safe when we eat out with specifics about food handling. An outbreak of salmonella brings a huge backlash to the owner of the food service and loads of negative social media output. A preventable occurrence.

Yet because it’s an inconvenience and because it’s “restricting” our choices people are just whilly nilly blatantly ignoring the public health guidelines. Not everyone of course but it doesn’t take many to change the numbers in the wrong way.

With the variants of concern (VOC) spreading farther, faster and hitting younger people this sort of event above could be the tipping point. Look where Ontario, BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan are right now. The actual numbers are scary and the projections will see the health care system implode. Yet these people feel that it doesn’t matter.

How wrong they are. What we all do matters in a huge way. Each choice that every person makes has and have an impact. Choose wisely. Because here is the “rub” – while Covid19 may not kill more people yearly than heart disease, stroke and cancers it means that there is no room at the “inn” when those other health concerns strike.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

22 thoughts on “In Stark Contrast

  1. I completely agree. And scary is right. Variant cases have been rising in Canada and we’ve been breaking new records this week. These protests and blatant disregard of the restrictions is beyond frustrating. Many of these people fail to see how their choices have an impact on others. It’s not just their health they are jeopardizing, but it’s everyone else that they then come into contact with.


      1. Agreed. Ontario just announced tougher restrictions yesterday and extended our province-wide shutdown. Even then, the restrictions don’t seem good enough to contain the spread. I’d rather go in full lockdown like Britain too and get this over and done with rather than drag this out for how many weeks and months or flip flop between being in a state of shutdown and lockdown.


      2. That’s the thing isn’t it — soft restrictions don’t truly work. So much still happens in a shut down but a lock down is what’s required. At least Ontario took steps. All we’ve done here is restrict in house visiting but most people get around that by going to bars and restaurants.

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  2. It’s beyond belief really how the west is handling this. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. Then it means you and I and those like us who are obeying the guidelines will be doing it for longer. We need a full on lockdown from Quebec west. Take care and stay safe. I know you two are making good choices. Bernie

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    1. I think the main problem is with the instant gratification crowd. They want what they want and they want it now. Unfortunately, the pandemic does not care about timelines. It is only looking for victims and finds them easily in our province. Stay well Bernie. Allan


  3. You are so right, Bernie. It’s a very sad reality that so many arts of the country are in such poor shape in large part because of irresponsible behaviour on the part of its own citizens.


    1. It’s beyond frustrating for those of us that have followed the guidelines. I have friends my age, who should know better, but are still doing things that I feel are extremely risky. Makes me want to move to the Maritimes.

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      1. Yet we’re shut tighter than ever, thanks to the mess west of us, so although we feel safe, we can’t see our kids and grandkids in Ontario. It’s the nightmare that doesn’t end.


      2. Tough situation – while you are
        safe you can’t go there and they would have to quarantine to come see you. It is certainly starting to feel endless thanks to many that aren’t making the right choices.

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      3. It’s worse then that. At the moment they wouldn’t even be allowed in to quarantine. Only special categories such as essential workers, returning workers, and emergencies like funerals.


      4. I wish our borders were like that. People are back and forth all the time between the western provinces and my guess is 1 in 25 even thinks they should isolate. It’s so bad. With restrictions like you guys have the numbers should stay down but man that’s hard.

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    1. They are a “thing” here in Canada. Every city has to have one a season it seems so this is I think the 3rd one here. Never super well attended but 300 people up close and personal with no masks in the middle of the 3rd wave is beyond scary. No wonder the American government has put Canada on the No Go List. The sense of a goose — that’s a new one on me. Up here we would say they were as useless as tits on a bull. Maybe not politically correct anymore but fits the scenario. Thanks for dropping in virtually — sure the hell would not want to be here in person. Bernie

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  4. So very true, about the overall impact of Covid-19 on the health care system and people that need to access it for other issues. I’ll never understand the hissy fits some people are making about being asked to protect themselves and others.



  5. Sadly, we’ve had an anti-mask rally in Dublin, too. Although protesters dispersed without incident it was still worrying to watch it on television. I believe that humans are weaker than ever before which include not only our physical and mental strength but the function of our vital organs and brain and over the last year it was quite shocking to watch people break rules and regulations for the sake of personal gain.


  6. The insanity continues, huge anti mask/anti lockdown rallies in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton, churches flaunting the rules claiming divine right and then pastor’s wife going on Tucker Carlson to tell only part of the story. I just can not figure people out. Which rules do you choose to follow? Do you choose the right to speed, the right not to stop at stop signs, the right not to wear seatbelts? With rights come responsibilities and with choices come consequences. We know one family that chose to host a birthday party in their house, because they could not deny their 20 year old son the celebration. Everybody got Covid and the mother went to ICU, where she became a full Type 1 diabetic at age 55. Happy birthday son. If we would emphasize working together as opposed to our rights, maybe we could get past this thing. It is driving me crazy to watch my neighbour host out of province house guests………………Allan


    1. Makes me feel better to say it but only momentarily. I am so disappointed in Western Canadians. It’s beyond belief really. Take care and stay safe. Thanks for dropping off the comment! Always appreciate hearing from those quiet readers.


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