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Washing Day

It started innocently enough with a game of hide and dust. The wee ones chattered away to hiding spots in other rooms and I counted loudly while dusting quickly. There was laughter and giggles about being found or not even hiding but just running into other rooms. This was followed with a game of chase the vacuum or be chased by the vacuum. We then proceeded to go back to the main floor; laundry bucket in one hand and the wee lad holding my other hand. It all seems good right?

I got some work done while still spending quality time with my grandchildren. I then allowed Young A to scoop and put in the laundry soap (Nellie’s for those smart ass people who will want to know at the end of the story) but there was a mishap and a portion of it ended on the floor. So we got the hand held vacuum and she proceeded to clean it up while I cleaned up the wash machine portion. Then Young A and wee lad C got into a slight disagreement about who’s turn it was. I shoved in the last of the clothes as the land phone (I know – we are dinosaurs with a land line which is a different story) was ringing and took the vacuum away. As we chatted with Auntie H I turned on the wash machine and Young A hit the start button. It all still seems good right? I gave myself a pat on the back for managing to do a few things in the morning.

Outside time and then lunch is followed by nap time for the wee lad. He doesn’t fight nap time but he does need his “music” and seems we didn’t have his usual little player we improvised with Grampa’s speakers and Spotify for the win. It had worked the night before and we knew it would work again. We searched for Nan’s phone and checked all logical places and in the end we used Grampa’s phone and found the right music. Off to sleep he happily went and once again I felt that it was a win but where was my phone. Not to worry as I often lose it when the Littles are here and we are busy together. Do you see now where this is headed?

Young A no longer naps at Nan’s house and we often snuggle and read stories for the first part of nap time. I told her to start reading that Nan was just going to hang up the laundry and then I would be there. I opened the wash machine and the first thing that greeted me was my phone; screen saver picture looking as sharp as ever. I picked it up, wiped off the very few smidgeons of water on it (my front load gets my clothes so dry I sometimes wonder if I remembered to turn it on). I sent a text to my daughter as a test and checked into a couple of apps. It all seemed good.

Until it wasn’t. So we tried the trick that doesn’t work and stuck it in the rice over night. Still no luck other than a flickering light. I am lucky that my husband and I share a cell phone plan and he never upgrades because he loves his Blackberry so I know I can easily go pick up a new phone for no cost. Alas I can’t get back the 2 1/2 months worth of pictures that I didn’t think to back up before the phone died. I am also lucky that I text pictures to my daughter and friend regularly so I will be able to get those back easily. AND YES I KNOW that if I could figure out this whole cloud thing and not be so cheap and by space that I would not have lost anything. The IT guy at the store was wonderful and tried every last thing he could think of but to no avail. We’ve sent it off to repair and most likely it will come back as a brand new phone and those pictures will be gone.

Below is the last photo taken by that phone. It looks like he is mad but really he was giving me the “I’m cute under all that hair look’.

On my list of things inside the phone — several passwords in a file marked Random Stuff. My entire contact list – like really my friends must get tired of always having to reconnect with me when I do this. BECAUSE yes it’s not the first time I’ve had a cell phone die from water. In #MyCanadaDay150 I also lost my phone to an obscene amount of rain on Parliament Hill. AND NO I DIDN”T LEARN ANYTHING from that time either because I am always optimist that things will go right not wrong. I don’t get the cloud or google or any of that stuff and sometimes I am like an ostrich with my head in the sand.

But just maybe this time when I get the phone back or upgrade to a new one I can slow down a little, learn about storage, find a way to have my contact book in a different space and not have to start over every time I pouch a phone. Meanwhile I am trying to learn my new lap top and my loaner phone all at once. Insert that emoji here where they smack their palm into their forehead!



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

15 thoughts on “Washing Day

  1. You are an awesome grandmother, Bernie. Playing with the grandchildren and getting chores done, all at the same time. You remind me how sometimes it takes longer with the little ones, yet more fun and memories for everyone. Oh, darn, washing machine plus phone…..may be a problem. You make a great point on remembering to back up photos. I have had a cell phone (sort of lost) issue this past summer, so I feel your pain.

    Thank you for sharing a VERY witty, fun and informative post, Bernie.

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    1. Erica,
      Thanks for the compliment about my writing skills and my Nan skills. I find it so much easier to be patient with them than I did with my own kids — I don’t live with them every day. We do have a blast and they love coming here so I feel like that’s a win even if nothing gets done! I always have the day after they go home to “catch up”. I am still saddened that I lost photos but even worse — I lost all my contacts and have managed to get a few back but not near enough.

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  2. Ugh, sorry to hear about your phone. I too never seem to learn from my technology mishaps. My phone completely died last summer right as I’m trying to upload some pictures from a recent camping trip onto my laptop. I swore to myself that I’d learn to use the cloud, but of course I still haven’t. Perhaps someday.


    1. So glad I am not the only one although sad you as well lost photos. We both need to do better at saving them somewhere. I think I am going to move to a passport drive. Thanks for the support!

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  3. Hi, Bernie – I’mn so glad to hear that you had a happy ending with a new (free) phone and your photos saved. I keep an SD card inside my phone and my photos all get stored on there (so there is my first layer of protection). From the SD card I easily transfer my photos to computer (Protection Layer #2). I use a backup drive to backup everything on my computer to the drive (Protection #3 for my photos) and yes, as overkill, I have this all stored on icloud as well. Old habits (from my previous work life) die hard!


  4. Photos on my laptop no longer works well. I’m currently using Google photos but they are about to change it. I’m too cheap to buy cloud storage as well. But if you get rid of your landline you’d have extra money to buy cloud storage. 😁 hey, far be it from me to tell you how to manage tech—I hate what they’ve done to WordPress.


    1. Wondering why the lap top doesn’t work anymore? I worry that that my husband’s older one might crash and it has lots of photos on it. Guess I need to get with technology and figure this out. I actually don’t mind the new Word Press and find it works better for me than the old one but you aren’t alone in not liking it. The landline stays for a while longer as my blind mom (who is suffering a bit with some forgetfulness at 95) knows this number we’ve had for 30+ years.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Nice to hear from you. Take care. Bernie

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  5. Brilliantly done combining “chores” with quality time, play can happen anytime, anywhere! Bummer about your phone though. That’s the down side losing, photos with these devices. I have sooooo many photos on mine, they download onto to my laptop automatically -icloud- so that’s one safe guard. But, with a phone as a camera that can hold thousands of photos, we lose touch with what photos we even have after a time. Remember photo albums? No one uses them anymore- they’re all on the phone. Since the births of my grandkids staring four years ago I make up an annual photo album coffee table book for each child on their birthday and give it to the parents. It holds all my favourite photos of that year. I get them done through London Drugs Photo Lab and they come out beautiful! This way keepsake photos are preserved in a non tech way to mark their growing years.


    1. It has been on my list for 3 years to make albums of each year with each child. I am sad to say I have not done it yet. Maybe when I fully retire. In the meantime I am working on updating my first blog and that is taking me forever. I feel like we share photos way less than we used to when we printed. I still print off photos for my mom and my son-in-law’s gramma so that they have actual photos they can see. I am sure it makes their day when the mail arrives with those photos. As to the subject of the post — combining work and play was great till I washed the phone!! Take care and thanks for stopping in. Bernie


    1. I just need to figure out how to make it easy “magic”. I seem to get lost in passwords and strange email addresses and other stuff. Thanks for the encouragement Janis. Take care. Bernie


  6. It is good to be a dinosaur. A landline is good to have so 911 can find you, it also connects to security systems and if cell service goes down, the landline will still work. As to using the cloud, I refer to put much of my stuff there where it can be hacked or may be lost in other ways. Peripheral or passport drives and a laptop are also good. I do keep a separate passport drive in my safe deposit box, in case the house burns down. Ever since I lost my entire 2010 photo file due to my own stupidity, I over compensate on backing up. Looks like you had a great time with the Littles. I’m happy for you. Stay well Bernie. Allan


    1. Allan, I usually back up on the laptop but just hadn’t done it for over 2 months. I am going to try and take some time when I get my returned or new phone and gets things set up better. Janis tells me there is auto back up to her laptop – who knew!! I am just finally figuring out cordless printers and how to find that menu.
      As a plus I am lucky to have a plan and I know this and the photos are very much on the elite side of the first world problems. Plus I had my LIttles to cuddle with and that helped.
      Take care and stay safe. Bernie

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