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Mustering #SpringGreen

Mustering March’s green on the prairies

Is rather like herding cats

Mustering March’s green on the prairies

A bit more like an abstract

Crocuses peeking up, peas shooting up & that random plant that is always first to leaf out

I am trying to play along with this week’s prompt. And before all the warmer climate readers feel sorry for me that I don’t have any green in my life know that I chose this! I love 4 distinct seasons. I adore the white and cold of winter off set with intense blue skies. The whip of the warm wind as the snow melts and runs down the ditch. The mud squishing under the boots. Sunrise hours before alarms and twilights that go on to past midnight. The breezes that blow across the fragrant hayfield and shimmer in the heat. Those cool fall mornings with those first fogs creeping up the coulee. The play of the crispy leaves after Jack Frost has come and left.

So while I couldn’t find much in the way of green outside my back door I did find some green today. The label below sums up a happy step toward “life after” – not to be mistaken for “life ever after”. The “just after” of Covid19 once we are all vaccinated. My place in line was due to my professional responsibilities and not my age. Which is rather ironic that it took this long as my 62 year old husband goes on April 9th for his shot while my 95 year old mother is still waiting for vaccines in her district. Meanwhile the variant has a firm hold in the province and it is scary times indeed. The numbers are rising so quickly that it takes my breath away and I hold on dear to my little bubble as I don’t anticipate we will be allowed to continue much longer without some increased lock down measures.

Pfizer – in case you wanted to know

So while some may be green with envy over my place in line and some might be playing in the green I am just mustering along knowing that each day is a treasure whether or not the coulee is full of green trees. Perhaps if the world spins just right I will be treated to another night of dancing northern lights.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

16 thoughts on “Mustering #SpringGreen

  1. I ‘get it’ on the four distinct seasons, Bernie. I love your sentence “The play of the crispy leaves after Jack Frost has come and left.” I also agree “…scary times indeed.” We are hunkering down and trying to keep everyone healthy. Hopefully only a few more weeks until we get our vaccines. We have had the increased lock down measures, yet okay to visit/walk/picnic outside? Hopefully with some common sense thrown in.

    I wholeheartedly agree “each day is a treasure…” Is this your photo of the Northern Lights, Bernie?!? Spectacular!!!! We used to live in the North, Prince George and the Yukon and we often saw the Northern Lights. Yet, difficult to capture with photos. Thank you for sharing your poignant, beautiful and wise words. 💕

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    1. Erica, it is indeed my photo of the Northern Lights — new phone cameras have great night time settings. It’s all about the phone camera and very little about me! I did sit on the back step to keep my hands as steady as possible.
      I do indeed love the seasons and yet I feel like we are going to miss spring and summer as “fun seasons” with common sense choices and maybe some government guidelines. I keep reminding myself that each day is a treasurer and we can do this.
      Thanks for stopping in and engaging with thoughtful comments. Bernie

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    1. Deb, top 3 displays in my life time that night. It was not ordinary but extraordinary; Pumped that I have my first shot and my husband is getting his age related shot April 9 which means my phase 1 health care worker didn’t really protect me all that way but whatever. I must say it was efficient. My appointment was for 11:20 — I was there are 11:10 as you aren’t to go more than 10 mins early. Needle was in my arm at 11:22. Never waited in line for more than 1 minute. The 15 mins after was the longest part. So at least the experience was good. No side effects today. Thanks for stopping in.

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  2. I’m with you about the four seasons. Each one has its own charms [and irritations]. I am not green with envy about your good fortune with the Covid-19 vaccinations. Stay safe, and enjoy your green light show.


    1. Ally Bean, ah the irritations of the seasons! We are expecting a whopping blizzard tomorrow! That should keep a few people in the province home for a couple of days which would be a good thing. Doing my best to stay safe. You take care as well.

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  3. Congratulations on getting your vaccine, Bernie. That is great news. In BC, my 90- year-old mother received her shot two weeks ago. My 85- year-old stepfather received his on Friday. My 73-year-old husband on April 11. At 62 years, my predicted vaccine is not until May. But when my number is called, I will be there with sleeves rolled and arm out! 🙂


    1. As a province we’ve sucked at a lot during this pandemic. The only thing we seem to be doing relatively well is the vaccine roll out. Now having said that they have neglected seniors who live at home in small towns. OK if you are in a city but not good for rural. Glad some of your family has had theirs, your turn soon I hope. Until then stay safe as those variants are nasty.


  4. Winter white and the drab brown that follows makes the green of spring worth while and who needs green leaves when you have the Aurora. Stay well Bernie and hold on for the third wave. I think its about to get bumpy. Allan


    1. Oh yeah Allan the third wave is going to be bad here in Western Canada. Maybe only Manitoba will escape the worst of it. Unfortunately it feels like it is everyone for themselves and no overriding collective momentum to do the right things. UGH. Makes me so disappointed in not just our politicians but fellow citizens.
      As to the Aurora – that was an outstanding night for them! Top 3 in my life time and I have seen a LOT of them. As to brown and drab — I swear those trees look a little greener today and the crocuses are popping up just in time for tonight’s snow. Thanks for stopping in. Stay safe. Bernie

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  5. How amazing that you can view the northern lights from your own backyard. I am feeling a bit of green with envy. And yes, it’s certainly worrisome how cases are rising, especially due to variant cases. That just blows my mind how your 95 year old mother is still waiting for a vaccine given her age.


    1. Totally frustrating that seniors in their own home are just being asked to isolate for even longer. I am hopeful that it will roll out soon to her. In the meantime I am happy to have received my first shot.
      I grew up on the southern prairies and we had amazing displays. Then we used to see them regularly in Saskatoon but I must say our location is just amazing. We are low enough on our patio that we can even get rid of the lights around the valley. I know how lucky that makes me!

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  6. I love all the seasons, too, Bernie. A wonderful way to include green in your thoughts on the vaccine and our places in line. I know many others younger than myself at 61 who got shots. Here in Washington we may get it in a few weeks. I suppose each country figures out when and who. In any case I’m not green with envy since hubby and I had mild cases of covid last fall. If we’d stayed in California we’d have had the vaccine by now. By the way, your amazing Northern lights image came through in the comments. Have a great week!


    1. The seasons settle me – if that makes any sense. I lived in Vancouver and the time never seemed to shift — rainy day to rainy month to rainy year or so it seemed to solar powered me.
      Yes the Covid vaccine roll out seems to be in full swing but one can’t always seem to see the reasoning in it! Good luck getting your shots.

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