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Making today count

Today marks several occasions on the calendar. The usual one to be noted is that it’s the first official day of spring although technically that arrived yesterday when the water started flowing. It even flowed over some boots! Ah but such fun was had by all of us.

Today a “handsome, sweet and kind” friend of ours turned 65 and so we stopped by with a card that said just that. We had by an outside visit and dropped off a gift from the heartkitchen. Heck maybe it’s both. A container of a soup he really likes that we had just make and some gingersnaps. The weather was glorious and we sat out on the back deck. It felt so right. Well except that we chose to wear masks as they aren’t part of our bubble. We got to see their precious granddaughter and catch up on the latest news and talk about summer holidays.

I found out about the additional dual significance of today on a blog that I follow otherwise I would have been none the wiser. But low and behold today is ravioli day and so we made pasta. Well let’s be honest here – I screwed up in my head about the date and thought it was last Saturday so we made it then. Which turned out to be a good thing as this afternoon we headed to the city for the above visit and then had an early evening walk so it was great that we had frozen ravioli to cook.

Turns out that making pasta is right up the engineer’s alley and I made a pretty darn fine sauce. So fresh and tender and definitely worth the effort. This is something we have wanted to do for a while and without an reason we might have dithered away without doing it for who knows how long. So thanks ravioli day for opening our eyes and our bellies to the good stuff.

Last but certainly not least is that it is International Quilt Day. This is often a weekend that you can find a local quilt show on in cities and towns around the world. The numbers that I found for the industry were out of date but in North America there were over 10 million quilter’s and that resulted in an economic impact of 3.7 million dollars in 2017. That’s a lot of fabric and love being spread around. I also know that during the pandemic it became one of the “things” that was trending.

I consider myself blessed that I have the physical space, the mental acuity (well to be honest here – there may be some math skills that are lacking and the engineer often is called upon) , the financial situation and the creative mojo to bring these pieces of fabric to life as a gift from my heart. It is rare for me to create without a recipient in mind as for me that’s part of the joy. I made sure today that I spent some time in the attic working on the latest quilt; that particular baby is due any day now. A few moment’s hand stitching this evening on a binding of a quilt that will be gifted this week to a friend who is in need of a cuddle quilt.

In essence today marks a lot of ordinary things, that together, make an extraordinary day.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

16 thoughts on “Making today count

  1. How lovely that day sounds, and your quilt looks gorgeous, what a lucky recipient! I too need to dust off my pasta machine. I’ve been waking sourdough crackers with it of late, haven’t made pasta in a long while, well overdue 🙂


    1. Debra, I was never into sourdough bread as it just ended up seeming like so much work but the crackers were divine! Didn’t know you could make pasta with it. Thanks for the compliments about the quilt — I had to look and see which one it was as I have made a LOT lately!

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  2. Glad to see spring here. Looking through last year’s photos, we still had a foot of snow on the ground in mid April. Ravioli sounds good. We have to try our pasta maker again. Have a good week Bernie. Allan


    1. Strongly suggest trying ravioli! It’s so good and actually quite easy. We were surprised.
      Spring slowed down and today it didn’t thaw at all so we still have lots of snow left. Thanks for dropping in Allan. Take care.


  3. I haven’t made a quilt in years but my husband and I enjoy going to the huge annual show they have at our convention center. Amazing talent and creativity… not your grandma’s squares and triangles, that’s for sure. Alas, this year and last, the show was canceled. I’m looking forward to being able to see these works of art in person again.

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    1. How true Janis that many are indeed works of art. Mine are more usable lovable quilts and less show stoppers! I’ve seen those and admire them greatly although my practical nature always wins out. Yes quilt shows cancelled everywhere I guess (well maybe not in NZ and Australia) bit they will be back. Quilting isn’t going anywhere. Thanks for stopping by.

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  4. Hi, Bernie – I agree that March 21 seems to be the day of many things. It is also the International Day of Forests. And, it is the The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. (On that day, in 1960, police opened fire and killed 69 people at a peaceful demonstration in Sharpeville, South Africa, against the apartheid pass laws.) The history that goes before us in truly incredible.
    BTW – I GREATLY ADMIRE anyone who can quilt!


    1. I did know about it being Elimination of Racial Discrimination. So much negative in the world so I chose the “narrow” view out my window so to speak and focused on the positives.
      Thanks for the CAPS LOCK admiration for my quilting skills. I fell in love with it 15 years ago and have given a lot of gifts from the heart over the years. It’s not that hard really – if you can sew a straight line you can quilt. Try it!


  5. Your visit helped make the day as close to normal as I have had in the last year! Thank you for being a part of my “hope” for a back to “normal” future! Keep well!


    1. It was a revolving gate yesterday I guess. Someone else was arriving just as we left! It just felt so good didn’t it!! Thanks for sharing your family time with us. Take care. Real hugs soon I hope!!


    1. Ah you didn’t actually see the real cuddle quilt. The pink one featured in the photo is a baby gift (that I need to deliver one of these days). I didn’t show the other one but will after it is gifted as she sometimes reads the blog and while I doubt she is right now due to health issues I wanted to be safe and not spoil it. Yeah to ravioli day!! We had a calendar at work last year that had all these random funny days on it. I found out about this day from a blogger. Thanks for commenting and feeling inspired by the post Louise.


    1. I got a birthday card this year that said “it’s extraordinary how extraordinary the ordinary person really is” George Wills said this and I think it also applies to life in general. We can see the positives in the day and find the extraordinary. Thanks for popping by. Take care.

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  6. It sounds like you had a lovely and full day celebrating those multiple milestones, Bernie. Our biggest fabric store here had a 40% off sale on all quilting cottons in celebration of Intl Quilting Day. I’ve never seen such a full parking lot or long (spaced out) line at the checkout!

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    1. Thanks for the tip Jane about both those days. If there was a quilt show like usual I would have known about quilt day but alas nothing happening here. I did have to get some additional fabric but the store owner is a friend that lives about 2 kms south of us so I phone and order and she brings it home and I pick it up. We have a visit outside and life is good. I get easily overwhelmed in quilt shops with all the colours and actually don’t like shopping for fabric at all.
      It was indeed a special day; two days really. Life is about appreciating those little things like mud puddles and a sewing space full of sunshine. Take care.

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