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Black And White and Cold all Over, # SundayStills

I missed the “rain boat” last week as I was busy having fun with the Littles. I had “frozen rain” photos all organized and ready to go but never actually got it pulled together into a post. I am not sure exactly why a post seemed so complex at the time but somehow it did. I’ve kind of had a week where it seems I have made a lot of stuff harder than it needed to be. Now that the photos are in my Word Press Media file I am going to include them in my black and white and cold all over photo challenge.

rain droplets in the cold become frost

My take on the title refers to the picture below. Black and white jacket for when it’s cold all over. It was -35 walk on Christmas Day a few years ago. That jacket has stood the test of time I will tell you. The dog and I have a lot of white hair now but the jacket hasn’t changed and it still keeps me warm.

Next up with my lateral twisted black and white theme is a photo of our shadows — showing up black on the white snow!

Another twist so here is an actual original black and white photo. It shows my grandparents seated; May and Bowyer Bradford, and her brother Fred Honey. It was taken in El Paso Texas where Fred lived. It was 1 of 2 times my grandmother saw her brother as an adult. I have written a good portion of her story here at The Legacy of May Honey There is also a black and white dog in it so similar to the one in my photo above which I find quite interesting. My Great Uncle Fred was apparently devoted to his dogs and I must say that my brother, who’s black and white dog is in that photo, felt the same way about his dog.

A few years ago I did a black and white challenge over on Instragram. I am not a huge fan as a rule, I just love colour so much, but it was good to look with a different focus at regular subjects. My favourite of course is our neighbours, the cows.

This post was created as part of the challenge hosted by Terri over at It kind of combines last week’s prompts along with this week’s prompt – or at least my take on it! I have found it interesting looking in the media archives for pictures that speak to the subject but have also found it strangely time consuming. It’s been that kind of week but I actually made it before the deadline this time.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

19 thoughts on “Black And White and Cold all Over, # SundayStills

    1. As I said at the start of the story — I don’t think she was unusual in her challenges. So many women came out and were widowed. My grampa was alive but just could not do hard physical labour so she did more than her share for sure. I wish I had more memories of her but did manage to put together her story and I am proud of how it turned out. Thanks for stopping by and reading that “back Issue” Debra.

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  1. I agree with Terri, I can’t always pull it together for a post, but I think about it and wish I could display my photos. I think it was very creative. I can’t imagine walking in -34. Brrr!


    1. Marsha, I know this spring green theme is definitely going to be a challenge in a yard full of snow! The thing I have enjoyed about this is the chance to meet and interact with other bloggers such as yourself. Thanks for reading and for the compliment about my post. Oh and -34 isn’t bad; we went through a polar vortex in February and there were some -50 days that my dogs didn’t even want to walk!

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      1. Tow, there’s a surprise! I’m such a wimp. I hate walking when it’s 60 + and a cold wind is blowing. I used to live in Colorado Springs, though, and I remember one day where it was -40 with the wind chill factor. Pretty nasty stuff. I nearly lost my feet before I got the right kind of boots. 🙂

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    1. I am quite fond of those cows and they feature quite regularly on my Instragram page. It is surprising to me how much joy they give me. Thanks for agreeing that they are showcased quite nicely here.


  2. It’s refreshing to read that you choose your life over the blog, BernieLynne! Of course, we all do, I would expect, and that’s why blogging is fun, not work! Your frozen pics are lovely looking at all that snow, but 35 below? Yikes! That jacket sounds super warm and that’s the key for cold-weather living. Your black and white images are fabulous and I’m glad you made it under the wire so I could include your post in tomorrow’s round-up. In the middle of next week I take a 2-week blog break due to moving (finally) into our house and having no internet for a few days. Check out my Sunday Stills page for more details.


    1. I don’t pull that jacket out unless it’s -30 otherwise I am too hot. Some years it doesn’t get worn much but it did with the polar vortex this year. Always think I should make a lighter weight one.
      Yes I did not blog much in the last couple of weeks; lots of stuff going on and we are in a bubble again with our grandchildren so busy doing playdates and having spring time fun with them. Good luck with your move – it’s a stressful but fun time. Thanks for hosting the challenge. Take care and stay safe.

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  3. And now – it is Black and White and Read all over! Thanks for the check-in! Glad you were able to spend time with the littles! They help center our hearts, don’t they?


    1. I have a couple more Margaret that Mom gave to me. They came in a little wicker (?) needlework basket. They are almost all from the trip they took to El Paso but there are a couple of just Uncle Fred. There are also two from the Robin Hood era and one has Grannie smiling – first picture I’ve ever seen that. I will make copies and send them along.


  4. Your photo with the long shadows is very cool. No pun intended. A few years ago I did a black and white challenge on IG, too– but default to color photos when left to my own devices. Hadn’t really thought of that before.


    1. I am reading a book called Pale Rider – about the 1918 Influenza pandemic – and victims often lost how the colour pigment in their eyes is transmitted. So they recovered to a black and white world just when life was so bleak anyway. I adore colour. Thanks for the compliment about the long shadow photo. Ah 4 o’clock in the dead of winter gives us those but now spring has arrived and the cold is gone. The snow is finally melting and life feels good. Take care and thanks for stopping by.

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