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Puzzle Nixed

I nixed the puzzle on the dining room table in favour of having room for a sit down family supper tomorrow. It’s hard to imagine but our last family meal was on the shared birthdays a year ago on February 28.

I was totally naive or optimistic when the Covid19 crisis started. A few years ago the SARS cases hit Canada but never got out of Toronto and Vancouver. I somehow felt that this would go the same way.

Now we are sitting a 118 M cases world wide. 880,000 cases in Canada. This folks is not the average influenza that claims a few lives ever year here. At this point we are sitting at over 22,000 deaths, mostly of our elderly, here in Canada. Half a million + deaths in the USA and over 2 million world wide. That number is mind boggling and it’s not over yet. Now talk of not just a third wave but of a fourth wave seems to be surfacing and the fact that it will be 18+ months of living through a pandemic.

The stress and toll on mental health has and will continue to be as astronomical as the Covid19 numbers. The restrictions, while necessary, have caused job losses, business closures and put parents in the hot seat with working from home and home schooling.

“A field of ruins” is a phrase that I just heard about this situation and I think it’s quite apt.

On a personal level it’s changed how each of us shop, how we visit and how we play. It’s given everyone a new vocabulary and a concept of PPE. It’s been an insightful look at our own personal spaces and how we live with our values. It’s been lonely and isolating for basically everyone except those families of 6 who can’t find any alone space. It’s been exhausting for those on the front lines; especially those in health care.

I am quite certain there is more to come. I am not as naive now as I was a year ago when it seemed like something that was going to live in distant places.

But the sun will rise tomorrow morning. We will continue onward. We will wait for vaccines and make health choices, hopefully good ones to stay safe.

In the meantime I am going to plan a menu for a small family supper tomorrow night. This, to date, is the highlight of the year!

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I feel like I perhaps didn’t do the subject of the pandemic and our responses justice but I really wanted to publish tonight, on the one year anniversary. I wanted to share the joy that a family supper can bring after 3 months without any time inside together. This is my record of musings about the how Covid19 has been seen through my eyes so I will indeed hit publish. 



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

16 thoughts on “Puzzle Nixed

    1. I believe I am going to be honoured but skip this time. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed in some other aspects of my life and don’t want to add one more item in. I have finally learnt over the years to listen to my head and body. I really am honoured that you asked and I did enjoy reading yours.

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  1. Hi, Bernie – I shared your original naivete. I was working in Beijing when SARS broke out. I erroneously assumed that COVID would run a similar course. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Sounds like a good reason to move your puzzle. Enjoy!


    1. Oh Donna! Family supper; so delightful and noisy and chaotic and fun all at the same time. I am already preparing my head for the 3rd wave to hit Sask in less than 6 weeks so will get our fill in before we can’t again.


  2. I hope your dinner party works out well. We have our double doses and we are thinking about having another double-doser couple over to dinner soon. It still feels a bit worrisome even though the four of us “should” be fine. I look forward to when we can gather in confidence (but, like you, I’m trying not to be as naïve as I was last year at this time.


    1. Haha! Dinner party. Not really! My daughter, son in law and 2 grandkids. Noisy, messy and with not enough food (we forgot how to cook for 6?). Followed by an insane bed time and then a great game of cards so that was fun.


  3. Our dining room table remains the bastion of puzzle pieces. We have yet to be given the opportunity to get our vaccinations, so it’ll be that way a while longer. Hope your dinner was a hit as we head into year two of the pandemic. Oy vey


    1. Ally, I wasn’t loving that puzzle anyway! It was too bland. So I was doubly excited to get rid of it! I am thinking that year 2 is going to continue on for a while as it started — unfortunately. Sorry for the late reply

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  4. We have gotten back to basics – relearning to enjoy each day, as it is the little things of pleasure that we encounter as we go about our chores that truly give us peace and purpose. A picture of a child, a card from a parent, help with dishes from a partner, a wiener roast, a smile in the mirror, little voices on the phone, a flower picked from the garden, the lone call of loon, northern lights! Enjoy your family supper – cherish the sounds, smells and feeling of your family. Be blessed! Hugs to you all.

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    1. Oh we did indeed. It was so chaotic – I had forgotten how it was with 6 for supper! Plus 4 dogs! But it was worth every second – even the bad bed time. Yes we went against the public health orders and had a sleepover.
      It’s true that the pandemic has given us a chance to reflect on what is important and ways to connect with those we care about.
      Thanks for dropping in and commenting. Hope we can see each other soon! Hugs. Bernie


  5. Not an anniversary to celebrate perhaps, but it is good to recognize that it has been a year and we are still here. A time to reflect on those who are not. As to the status of this pandemic, I still have a sister who thinks it is just a flu and overblown. Not sure why this train of thought seems to come from the far right, but, I have learned to talk of other less controversial topics. Stay well Bernie and enjoy your small family dinner. We are booked for our first shots by month’s end. God knows when we will get the 2nd. Allan


    1. Funny that you’ve learnt to stay clear of the topic with your sister. My brother and I had a duster on the phone and I’m actually on the same side as him but the thing is even though I think that particular rule is stupid we are still abiding by it. Some of us will make good choices and stay safe; like you and I! Take care.


  6. I sometimes I wonder if I’ve thought/written about this too much or not enough.I haven’t kept a journal, which maybe I should have. Anyway, here’s to pulling out of the situation this year….hopefully. Hope your dinner goes/went well.

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    1. I think, for me, it’s been good to put it into words. I also wanted it as a record so that someday my grandchildren could look back at it and realize how it impacted all of us. I’m with you — let’s hope we pull out of it this year but I am now, in my head, getting prepared for the third wave. Stay safe Tracey — it’s too soon I think to let our guards down. Thanks for stopping in.


  7. I was totally naïve and optimistic when the Covid19 crisis started, too. Pandemic crises and movement restrictions in Ireland started right on Ericeiras Birthday last March, and looks like it’s going to be the same this year. No celebrations, no seeing family and friends. Yet, we are still determined to make the most of it this Sunday. Take care 🙂 Aiva xxx


    1. Oh Aiva – I feel for the little ones. No family or friends around the celebrate the milestones. I am sure you, like my daughter, will make the day special for your wee one. Take care and thanks for being naively optimistic like me!

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