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Flat white – my style

White on white 

Such bright in sight 

Enough white to excite.

White on white  

Such a sight, so bright 

so excited over white 

Missing our winter home away from home – Fernie

One shoe, two shoe

The fence in plain view

We all snowshoe

Not much of a queue

Good thing there are no cows around in the winter! That’s the top strand.

Flat white my style

It brings a me a big smile

Makes me want to sit a while

I am totally beguiled

aka a Mayan hot chocolate from the Bean Pod in Fernie

Jack’s cousin hangs

Such a heavy overhang

With such spang

Crashes off with a bang

Hoar Frost in the ravine, showcasing our 1918 Eaton’s Eager

This has been my take on the #SundayStills prompt of “objects that are the colour white” hosted here http://Sunday Stills: A #White-Washed World — Second Wind Leisure Perspectives. Seems I live in a snowy location and had lots of “stock” pictures floating around that hit the theme it seemed like a perfect fit. It was also a chance for me to enjoy looking at all our Fernie ski pictures from year’s past as this year it became yet another Covid19 casualty. It makes me pretty darn happy that we did a big trip last year with our fabulous day back country skiing.

I hope you have enjoyed my tour and my poetry. Thanks for stopping in.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

14 thoughts on “Flat white – my style

  1. Stunning pictures of white, BernieLynne! I actually have a brand-new white Starbucks mug I’m sipping from as I read! Enjoyed your poetry, too, and that is the fun of Sunday Stills, to add the extra flavors of creativity. I dig those snowshoes, but you were at the top rung?? Oh my, that’s high, LOL! A fun read with fab photos!

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    1. Thanks Terri. I must admit that my white cup was a disposable supplied by The Bean Pod in Fernie. I am glad that you enjoyed the poetry and the photos. One never realizes that they are 3′ off the ground as the snow banks are solid and flow up and down. We have spots that have no snow and we have 6′ banks. It’s always at the whim of the winds. Thanks for hosting this fun challenge. I am really enjoying the creativity of it.

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    1. Thanks! I enjoyed finding a photo and writing a poem for each one, sort of Dr. Suess style. As to the chocolate – trust me that stuff doesn’t stay long in my house! It’s get in my belly time!


    1. HM not particularly cold no. The first one was in Fernie and it was like -5 or so. We get frost quite often here,; it’s not tied to super cold. It’s often hard to capture with a blue sky though as with frost there is often cloud. By the time the sun comes out the frost has fallen. I always look for that opportunity to get a shot of it just so. Glad you think all my shots were great. Appreciate that and the fact that you took the time to write them out. Take care Joanne.

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    1. Thanks Kirstin. I did indeed enjoy it and find it fun although some of those photos were way back to find! Will check your post out soon. Thanks for stopping by and engaging here. Nice to connect with new readers.


    1. We always stop the last day and but 3 Fernie bars to bring home. Usually 2 make it home and 1 disappears somewhere between all the provincial borders we cross! Then we(really I) savour the last two. I know they ship but I can not do it – I would spend a fortune to indulge and just struggle more with my weight. It’s a Fernie treat and someday we will get to go back but we sure did miss our winter break there.

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    1. They are the BEST chocolate bars you are ever gonna have! An Irish woman who studied to become a chocolatier in France took a trip around the world to find a source for sustainable cocoa beans and then a place to settle. She and her husband fell in love with Fernie (I mean come on what’s not to love about it!!) and have raised their family there and have this amazing business where they make the most amazing chocolate bars. Darn I forgot how much I miss them and the Mayan hot chocolate, which try as I might, I can’t get quite the same because of course I am not using fresh chocolate. Hit Fernie in my search bar and you will find a post where I highlight them As you can tell I am very passionate about their products!
      Thanks for the lovely comment about the poetry and photos. Bernie

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