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Waiting is for the Birds

I had/have this crazy idea that I would spend a bit of time this winter doing “homework”. It seems there is a plethora of it this winter but I am quite certain spring will have sprung and I will not have done an ounce of what I set out to do in regards to this particular list.

But bear with me as it did lead me to this “the real list“. This was written in the fall of 2017 when a pandemic outbreak was like a history lesson or a science fiction movie. It wasn’t something that was on my radar. But even then, without Covid, I knew what made my world go around. It was and still is our family and friends. It’s spending time together bonding over fitness or food or both with perhaps a brew thrown in.

I want all that back and yes, I know I am not alone in this. I also recognize that I am blessed with outside visits as the littles aren’t babies and they live local. But waiting is for the birds hence the name of today’s blog and the take off from the theme for Terri Sunday Stills photo prompt of Feeding the Birds. See Terri’s photographs on her blog, Second Wind Leisure. While it was supposed to be about birds I kind of spun it around as I am not much of a bird person, to which those who know me IRL just laughed like crazy over that understatement.

Seen here – Ron waiting for the bird!
A chickadee that has decided he likes us. But no you don’t see the bird because I can’t seem to get the picture in that millisecond that he lands!

Outside visits, walks and fires are fun for sure (when the weather cooperates) but sitting down to a card game, desserts or a brew is equally as fun when it’s inside and the wind is howling.

So I struggled, once again, last week when the newest public health orders came down that it is another month of only your own household bubble. No inside visits in any one else’s house which means no kisses and no cuddles with the little ones. More video book reading on cold days and blowing kisses good night on video messaging. It means no visits with my elderly mother, supper parties or any dessert club nights. It means more quiet time at home to do a puzzle I am not excited about.

Then to add insult to injury last week I had a new Covid dream. In this one I’m in a building that’s like a maze and I can’t get out. There are all these rooms filled with people; think art gallery with windows but in a hospital setting. Yeah I know it’s weird. I go from room to room to room. Some people I know and some I don’t but most are unmasked. Everyone is happy and chatting and I am frantically trying to leave each space but someone wants to talk with me. Someone rips off my mask saying they want to see me smile. I run and the next room is a dead end. I wake up almost hyperventilating and vividly remember all the details. I can’t decide if it’s better than the one where I get trampled outside of the Tube entrance in London or not.

Right, I got sidetracked didn’t I?Back to my plan – I thought I had all this time and would revisit all my blog posts and do some homework. Clean up the spelling mistakes, take out any links that didn’t work and sort out categories, tags and some photo fails. Seems like a good idea until I realize I have 1000+ blog posts and thousands of photos. Just scrolling back 3 years took eons. I started this thing a long time before that. Plus the one that really needs the homework is the original house blog (1918 Eaton’s Eager) as it lost a lot in the shuffle over from one host domain to another.

So here is a question for bloggers. Do you keep a “master list” of posts with categories? I can see how nicely it would work in an Excel spreadsheet. I suspect I know who, from the regular blog writers that are readers here, will answer in which direction. So while the question is out there I know ultimately the decision is mine. Write in the current or clean up past entries. There are no
blogging police, no rights or wrongs in categories, word counts or photos. So I guess we all know which direction I am leaning towards. The only push to do it would be that my titles are often obscure references to something inside the blog and for the life of me I can’t remember what a particular post is about by the title.

So while waiting is for birds and my patience seems to wear thin I shall do my best to stay inspired and motivated. Heck I managed to turn this prompt into a dual purpose of a post. That, I can guarantee, in 5 years I won’t remember what the obscure title means!



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

24 thoughts on “Waiting is for the Birds

  1. Hi Bernie Lynn, I always wanted to be Marsha Lynn, but my dad got involved and wanted me to have his ugly middle name – Lee. Blah! I love this post! I love it! No birds allowed! 🙂 So, yes, I have records on records. I started blogging in 2012 with the blog I currently use, and closed my self-hosted blog almost a year ago. I wanted to have more fun and less upkeep. Same reason we just moved into a condo down from 2 acres of property to maintain. I found about 16 pages on journaling, which includes my spreadsheets. I have a post scheduled on Friday about organizing photos that Lisa Coleman and several of my readers wrote. I can’t wait to see how people respond. I have spent quite a few hours practicing what we shared. Also I always keep a Google Docs journal for each month. I can share it with you if you are interested. I do this to keep track of who I visited. For example, I copied and pasted all of the participants in Terri’s challenge this week into the table in my journal. Then today I’m visiting all of them. I record names, if I can find them. Believe it or not, this is a hobby like Kirsten’s blog. Go figure! Have a great rest of your week. Happy blogging! 🙂

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    1. Marsha – nice of you to drop in. I must confess that my real name is Bernice (ugh — really dislike it) and have gone by Bernie for the last 45 years. Lynne is indeed my middle name and for some reason I do a lot of social media with it as that makes it more unique I guess. I love Lee as a name — works for girls or boys. So records on records — love it! I am a spreadsheet keeper for many things so I am glad to finally met someone else who is into them! I use some technology well and some of it gets lost on me. I have never heard of google docs and I have failed every icloud attempt! But I do keep a hand written journal plus I have discovered that if I like a post then I can find my way back to where I was. You know that rabbit hole of reading one blog after another?? I am finally finding a blogger community after so many years of feeling like I was talking to myself. Thanks for stopping in and commenting, nice to met a new reader.

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      1. Hi again, Bernie. LOL, “talking to myself” – I felt that way at first, too. I didn’t have a community to start, just a few friends that grew little by little. So nice to meet you too. I met Terri a few years ago, but met her in person last August. I feel like our lives are inseparable now. I’ve met a lot of friends through participating in challenges and by interviewing challenge hosts. That really got me started back into social blogging a year ago when I dropped my so-called-professional, self-hosted blog. Now I enjoy blogging as a hobby but I still like to stay organized and not let people drop off the map as they so easily can do.

        If you have a gmail email account, you have access to Google Docs and a lot of other stuff for free. I love it. I have a hand journal, too, but I use my Google docs and spreadsheets as my blogging journals. If you want to talk, email me,


    1. Yes I can see how easily one could get overwhelmed with 1000+ posts. I am going to start on the house blog and get those photos organized. I already have my spreadsheet set up for it!


  2. You ask: Do you keep a “master list” of posts with categories?
    Once upon a time I did, but I do not anymore. I write what strikes me in the moment and don’t care if I’ve written about it before.
    I am careful about which category I put my posts in so that my categories stick to a theme. And I do keep an up-to-date list of the tags because they’re a good way for me to find something I wrote about before. But at this point, ten years in, I’ve learned to go with the flow.

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    1. I believe on this blog I am just going to do that same thing “go with the flow”. I do know I have a few links that don’t work but I am sure that I do not want to go into the depths over this! Thanks for the advise!

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  3. Hi Bernie,

    No master list for me. Just tags and categories of blogging topics. I use key words in the Search box when searching through old posts. Ye Olde Blogge just seems to know what I am searching for, just by typing in a word or two. If that word is in the post, it will find it (and any other post that has the same word or term in it). That’s all I need.



    1. That’s exactly what I am going to do. Not sure why I didn’t think of it before. I always thought I needed the title. Thanks for the comment and the help. I really truly do not want to edit 1000+ posts!

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  4. Hi bernieLynne, Found your post along with Terri’s for Sunday Stills and about birds. I have been blogging for over 10 years via a wordpress format but independently hosted. When I made a shift to blogging to a more personal level rather than as I had earlier in groups of posts, I basically deleted it all. I kept any education posts I may have used again but was happy to delete (also kept down any idea of fee increase where I am hosted) because a lot was no irrelevant. In 2016 I smartened up my categories into around 7 and have since added a few, and I use my records via the blog to see how I am doing. I feel less cluttered having fewer blog posts too. I host a weekly link up called #lifethisweek on a Monday and have a lovely smallish community there too. Denyse #sundaystills


    1. Denyse, Thanks so much for dropping in, reading and commenting. I doubt I could actually ever delete any of my posts so kuddos that you could. I do now put them in categories but when I first started blogging 12 years ago I sure didn’t. I wasn’t even really aware of what tags etc where then. I think I am just going to let sleeping dogs lie. Shall check out #lifethisweek.


  5. We all just want things to return to “normal” Bernie, for sure. The question is what will normal look like and will we panic in crowds in the future. I get anxiety just watching how we all used to huddle in crowds, pre pandemic. Last night, we we lucky. We met our relatives from New Brunswick, dined on sushi, tempura and sake and watched my phots from our 2009 trip to Japan….all via Zoom. Was it what we wanted? Nope, we just want to be there with them or have them here with us for hugs and laughs. That time will come, we hope. Our son (who works with Covid patients) finally got his 2nd dose of the vaccine today, after a 3 week delay. Baby steps. As to cataloguing blog posts on a spread sheet, I do not do that, but I do use Categories and Tags, so they are more searchable. That being said, every one of them is tagged photography, so if ever search that category, I am no further ahead. Stay well and stay hopeful. Allan


    1. That’s interesting Allan as I was sure you probably did have a spread sheet and could locate what post had which photo in it ! But I guess if you are on blog #4(?) It would be quite intensive just as mine is with 1000+ posts.
      I think we need to do a bit more zoom. I think perhaps we don’t as Ron uses it lots for work but I feel like we have kind of collapsed down upon ourselves this winter. I’m even turning to music to help lift me up which is unusual for me. Glad you are using zoom and seeing people. Also super glad your son got his second shot. Hits close to home when a 34 year old nurse in Saskatchewan died this week from Covid contracted on a Covid outbreak unit.


  6. HI, Bernie – My favourite aspect of #SundayStills is seeing what everyone does with the prompt. I love where you went with this — both practical and creative! I don’t have a spreadsheet of blog posts (people do that?). LIke Allan, I do use ‘Categories and Tags’. (Unlike Allan, my categories are not all photography – I only recently added that category). 😀

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    1. I guess Donna those are my comfort spots – which kind of seems weird – but practical and creative sums up a lot of what I do. Invent a soup with what I have to take to a friend who starts chemo tomorrow. Pick out material and sew a baby quilt for a young couple. Take the photo and apply words to turn it into a post. And as I said to others I’m not much of a bird person so I had to be inventive.
      Both you and Allan have made me realize that perhaps I could just use my uncategorized tag to then hit on that post and put it into a category. When I started out I didn’t really tag or catorgize them so that might be the way to start. But up first is the house blog and we shall see how that goes. And yes I am going to use an excel spreadsheet! Will let you know how it goes!


  7. I do like how you turned it around. lol.

    My blog is mostly a hobby blog, yet, I’d love to go back and re-do some, updating photos, etc. IF I were to do that, I probably would try and make a spreadsheet of posts and then as I update them, Mark it off the spreadsheet somehow…with either a different color, or a check mark.

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    1. Kirstin, I think I should do this with our house Reno blog. I eventually want to turn it into a coffee table book and because we moved domains all the photos got messed up so I guess I should start there.
      Thanks for the compliment about my flip on the feed the birds! Seriously I’m not a bird person so the only way I could participate was to find a different take on it. Thanks for stopping in and commenting.


  8. You bring up some great points, bernieLynne, as we all wait for covid to become a mild threat like its cousin the common cold. This waiting for normalcy IS for the birds and I get how you want to use your time wisely. So I really like what you did with the post and even engaging the rest of us who are also waiting, to perform some blog maintenance. I know someone who keeps good files, Marsha Ingrao of Always Write. That would make a great prompt for her to discuss on her blog perhaps! As for my blog maintenance? I have deleted some really old posts from 2014-15 and some of the media that were sub-par.

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    1. Terri — I am glad my side ways flip of your prompt was ok! I did try to include one bird picture but that little chickadee is so fast! As I said to someone else my brain hash decided doing much clean up seems like a lot of work for not much gain. I will do it on my original house blog because that is a record of our 14 year trip to restore our old house. Moral of that story – don’t change domains! Thanks for the link and the comment. Appreciate it.

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