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A ray of sunshine

I rarely plan my posts ahead of time. They just appear, as if by magic, into my head. The thoughts are usually in one theme and headed in a straight forward direction. Rarely are they philosophical or “flowy” in how they tie together a concept and the reality of daily living. Perhaps today I can manage that so I am going to interrupt Charlotte  (once again).

The title,  a ray of sunshine,  came about not because of a full day of sun but rather from an act that brought me a ray of sunshine.

A message this morning from a dear friend saying how much they missed our dessert club times together. So much so that she had baked a Tobberlone cheesecake and would like to deliver us some. Even if the sky had been full of clouds what a bright light that thought cast. The visit was super brief, partly weather partly their timeline of deliveries, but how thoughtful it was. The added bonus was that they stopped and grabbed us milk (which could be another blog post – the kind that rattles on about this happened and then this happened and then I forgot the milk – you know that kind of day).

There are a lot of different ways we can find a ray of sunshine. Or, maybe more importantly, be a ray of sunshine to someone else.

A ray of sunshine in my life – the fact that I have a jacket that can handle the cold this week threw at us. It’s 26 years old and I just had to do some mending on design elements this week but it’s structure is holding up well. The pattern cost me $3.98 and the material was $50/m which seemed crazy expensive back then. Well heck it still is but I think it’s safe to say the jacket owes me nothing and yet every year when it is -30 or colder out comes the parka for another round of wear.

I touched base with a friend this afternoon; they are spending the winter in Canada instead of their usual snow bird location. It was so nice to connect with her and have a long chat about all sorts of items. There was lots of talk about grandchildren, of course, and Covid.

We talked about being 60+ and how that meant we are first in line, all of a sudden (well when there are actually vaccines available) when it seemed that there were so many in front of us. I am still confused and conflicted by the Government of Saskatchewan’s new vaccine roll out plan but the fact that, supposedly, by September we will all be vaccinated is a huge ray of sunshine in all our lives. I am not alone in hoping we can return to something similar to “normal”.  While we are missing our ski trip this year we are missing family suppers with card games, visiting with friends and sleepovers with the littles far more.

Each actual beam of sunshine spins around in my head and boosts my Vitamin D level. Even in the most horrendous wind I am still glad to go outside with my four legged ones and “catch a few rays”. It’s a chance to disconnect with technology and the opportunity to be in the moment. To hear the crunch of the snow (or the boom as you walk across a drift that releases), to feel the cold against your skin, to marvel at the silly puppy and to check out the foot prints in the snow. It’s a chance to stretch the muscles but allow the mind to relax. One doesn’t need to live in the country to find this kind of release, any park with trees within the city has proven effects.

So whether the ray of sunshine is literal or figurative embrace it. Send a “ray” to someone or gracefully accept it for yourself. In fact seek it out for your mental health.

So there it is unscripted, unplanned (while poor Charlotte is sitting all alone waiting) but hopefully inspired/inspiring. A ray of sunshine to my readers.


Ps the cheesecake was just as good as you all imagined it was! Thanks J!


I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

15 thoughts on “A ray of sunshine

  1. Absolutely love this: “…to feel the cold against your skin, to marvel at the silly puppy and to check out the foot prints in the snow…” It’s a perfect expression of joy–of a ray of sunshine–on a snowy day. You are finding the joy in difficult times and your unscripted words lift us up!

    And that cheesecake sounds absolutely amazing.


    1. Thanks Pam. I do try although I can honestly say that today is a different day and I have struggled to find the ray of sunshine. A number of minor reasons and two major ones (restrictions rightfully continue x 1 more month but that will be 3 winter months of only outside visits with out little loved ones and our elderly dog was diagnosed with cancer today) so the sunshine in my mind has been a struggle. I’ve turned to the brownie for “support” as the cheesecake is long gone! It was so good. Thanks for the comment and the joy expressed in my written words.

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  2. Hi Bernie, I agree with your opening and Ally’s response. Stories come to me, I don’t search for them. “…an act that brought me a ray of sunshine…” Goosebumps. I have now read about Toblerone Cheesecake twice in one morning. I must pay attention.
    “…be a ray of sunshine to someone else.” Beautiful and wise words. I am confused by the vaccine roll out plan, too. Your photo compilation put a smile on my face. So much sunshine here. Thank you for a wonderful post that begins my morning with a smile.🙂


    1. So glad that my ray of sunshine caused a ray of sunshine in your life! Guess it’s time for you to make a Tobberlone cheesecake! Glad you enjoyed the photos – I find it fun and cohesive and uses less space to pull them together like this.
      So glad to enjoyed it and stopped in to comment.

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  3. Hi, Bernie – I did imagine that cheesecake to be very, very delicious. In fact, I believe I now have drool on my keyboard! 😀 You have sent an awesome reminder to “be the ray of sunlight” that each of us needs right now. It can take so little effort to immeasurably brighten another person’s day. Thank you for sharing this!

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  4. Bernie… Thanks for sharing this ray of sunshine…
    I was up in the night and felt the warmth of the simple act of friends sharing…


    1. The cake was the side story – the act as you said the warmth. Glad it also warmed your heart and soul. Thanks for engaging here with a comment that then warmed my heart. It’s like a big circle!


    1. Allan, it actually wasn’t bad as there was no wind so we had a lovely walk. The limiting factor is always the old and the young dog and their level of discomfort. I would easily have stayed out way longer and it was even ok for my hands when I took the few pictures. Only need one or two days of -52 to make one appreciate -32!! Stay safe and warm Allan. Thanks for the comment.


  5. I find the topics for my blog posts like you do. I just let them come to me I don’t go looking for them. It makes me happy to see your photos. I think you can find sunshine, literally or figuratively, just about anywhere if you look for it. Energy flows where attention goes, as they say.

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    1. Ally, I’ve never heard that saying but I think it follows along the lines of focus on the positives and then the negatives won’t seem so big. Glad you enjoyed my sunny snowy photos and felt the ray of sunshine the post hoped to inspire. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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  6. I was feeling down this week and realized that this Covid stuff had been going on all too long, and that I was missing my friends and families. I got to reminiscing about our Dessert Nights – the new recipes, the calories, the laughs and most of all the companionship. We know we must follow the guidelines to keep us all safe – which means no gathers for us for a while longer. To make myself feel better, I baked the cheesecake and decided to share with my friends. Your smiles of thanks was nothing compared to the warm feeling of hopefulness I was enjoying myself! Thank you for being the people we love to gather with – and soon, we shall again. Keep warm, keep safe, keep smiling!

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    1. I am so glad we are the people you gather with and when this darn weather breaks we will do a fire and some time outside. It’s the best we can do right now so that’s what we will do. Perhaps it was the weather and the confinement because of it that made you feel down? So glad that you got a “belly full of joy and hopefulness” from your deliveries. Sending you a huge virtual hug my friend! Thanks for inspiring my post and for dropping in with such an honest comment about how the pandemic is affecting you. Bernie


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