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The Wishes

My eldest sent me a text yesterday asking what I would like for my birthday. Truth is that I can’t have what I want for my birthday.

I’m not alone here in spending a special day not surrounded by family and friends. By the time we come back into social gatherings everyone will have faced a birthday without the usual vibes around them.

So rather than focusing on what I can’t have like a sit down supper, board games with our kids, hugs and sleepovers with the littles. To say nothing of the mass bedlam from 7 dogs inside the house. Who knew that such a regular family occurrence would be the one thing we can’t have.

I focused on what I can have and made the best of it. I truly did. Some quilting time in the sunshine in my favourite room. A small amount of time to finish up a woodworking project.

Then on to the main event outside. So blessed that it was -3. The wind negated the fire we had planned but we found the “sweet spot’ in the sun and out of the wind. The grandchildren and the dogs played. The GT and the tobogan (and the adults pulling) got a work out. The cupcakes were delicious and the beer stayed cold! Some special friends dropped in for a short visit to add to the icing on the cake day. The sun shone all day long and that was fabulous for my soul. The dogs had a wild time with constant action.

Another blessing of a birthday in this day and age are the phone calls, texts, messages and greetings sent through technology. So many people took time out of their day to reach out and touch base with me and it was wonderful. Truly outstanding.

Growing old is a privilege that not everyone gets. Sure it comes with some negatives but it comes with a lot more positives. Perhaps I’m naive and it’s easy to say this at 62 compared to 30 years from now. Or perhaps because I’ve lead a life of privilege from winning the birth lottery which lead to an education and a profession that gave me a great quality of life.

But truly if you keep moving, learning and enjoying the moments that make up the days it’s all on the good side – even in the middle of a pandemic.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

18 thoughts on “The Wishes

  1. Happy birthday month! I had my birthday in early January and am still celebrating… why the heck not? We have given up gift-giving for years now and life is truly better without them. Like you indicated, the real gifts are those that can’t be wrapped up in boxes and bows.


    1. I always felt blessed when the kids and their offspring could come for supper. Now it will be doubly blessed! That’s certainly the thing I miss the most; just spending ordinary times together. Glad you had a good birthday and are finding things to continue to celebrate, even in these strange times. Thanks for stopping in Janis and engaging here.

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  2. Hi Bernie, Nice to meet you. I see we have friends in common. I love how we cross paths with amazing people thanks to blogging. I immediately Googled “Equipoise.” A new word for me. I love how you have arranged your Blog site. Interesting, fun and creative. I believe mine is ready for an overhaul. No changes since I started, about two years ago.

    Happy January birthday. We have a few in our family. Your photos are wonderful, sharing family life and the cold. I love your words “growing old is a privilege.” I look forward to reading more. Erica


    1. Hi. Welcome to the blog, nice to have a new interactive reader on board. I have been blogging for many years but am just slowing finding the community so to speak. Our original blog –about our old house (which is still current) did not really draw in a crowd! Thanks for the compliment about the arrangement of this one – I have changed it up a few times in the years I have been blogging. I am always striving to learn new things so Donna’s blog a while ago with blog tips set me off again to be more creative (like inserting a poll in today’s post).
      Thanks for the birthday wishes. Yes indeed I do believe it is a privilege to grow old as I have seen my share of death both personally and in my profession. I try to live mindfully each day. Enjoy those January birthdays as I enjoyed mine. Take care and thanks again for stopping in.

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      1. Interactive reader is a good point, Bernie. Much more interesting and fun. You inspire me to get the courage to change up my blog. Something I should investigate over the next few months. Donna is an inspirational woman in many ways. We live within a couple hours of each other and have had the opportunity to meet in real life. I look forward to learning more about you.🙂

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      2. I have IRL friends Erica who read it but never interact and I have no idea what their thoughts are about my ramblings, or projects or whatever the post might be about. So it’s super to have found a group of people who do interact and are supportive.
        I say go for the changes. Check out that double post Donna did for some good tips. Also you can always change it but not save it if it seems to radical or you can change it again!

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    1. Lots of quiet March birthdays coming up in your household. Perhaps we can have a big party for yours in August?? Thanks for the visit, the cake and the friendship.


    1. Kate — I was just thinking about you yesterday! How strange you should leave a comment. Hope you are keeping ok in these strange times and yes I am lucky that those I love live close enough and are all outside people so it was indeed a good time. We’ve all been pretty blessed with decent Sask weather this winter I would say. Thanks for stopping in to comment and for the birthday wishes.


  3. A great attitude, birthday girl. My wife says here physically distanced birthday last year was the best she can remember and it is not that her memory is bad. So, whenever we get the chance to celebrate, we do. We just celebrate a bit differently. Allan


    1. And as I said to Donna perhaps these will become the new normal birthday celebrations. Having said that I can easily remember January birthdays with -40 so one doesn’t spend as much time outside then! But yes to celebrations and yes to connections. Thanks for stopping by with birthday wishes.


    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes — in some circles I am the young one and in some I am the ancient one! It would have been a perfect birthday except for my nemesis the wind. Hope you had a good day as well and I look forward to hearing what you get up to this year. It gave me food for thought for 3 years from now and 65.


  4. Happy Birthday, Berne! I like your reflections and how you celebrated. You share a January 16th birthday with our two-year-old granddaughter, Stevie. Today, we drove the two-hours to meet Stevie and family in a large, oceanside park where we grilled hotdogs, roasted marshmallows and ate cupcakes. We were grateful for every single moment.
    Tomorrow is my mom’s 90th birthday. We have literally spent years discussing how we would celebrate this special day together. Sadly, due to our current PHO restrictions, we are celebrating virtually. But we will be together in spirit every single moment of the day.
    Hope your birthday was a good one after all!


    1. We wanted to roast hot dogs and do marshmallows but that darn wind. Your weather and your day sound lovely. Perhaps, and I was thinking this yesterday, that it will have a long term impact about how active families are now. Stevie will have many more and maybe this outside type will become her favourite. But it is sad about your mom. My mom turned 95 in September and the only person to see her that day was my brother who she lives with. Your mom also lost her special day and that, unlike Stevie’s, is less likely to come with many many more years. But we all have to be grateful for what we do have as you said. Take care Donna and thanks for dropping in and commenting.


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