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Photo Challenge Day Vijf

Thanks to blogger friend Allan over @ photoblography3 and a new reader Marie @ hopsskipsandjumps for this #10day10photo challenge.

The travel challenge involves posting one favourite travel picture for each day – That’s 10 days, 10 travel pictures, 10 nominations (doubt I can do that as I don’t really have 10 bloggers in my life that would be interested so think I will just tag 1 on my final day) and 0 explanations about the post.

I have included the info about yesterday’s location at the bottom of todays’ post with a bit of a story and have done this on the other posts as well. Although doing the kindness advent activity daily blog at the same time means I am spending way too much time on WordPress and my phone.


DAY VIER (German)

I could definitely have made that one easier! It’s near the most recognizable castle around, made famous by Walt Disney, but really known as Neuschwanstein. Now as I said I did not make it easy because this is not that castle but another lesser known one (Hohenschwangau Castle) nearer to the Alpsee Lake . The entire area, literally just north of the Austrian border, was like this picture perfect postcard. I so want to return to this area and ski in winter from one country to another. I am not sure we will ever afford to do it but at least I can say we drove through the Alps after we stopped here.