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Photo challenge Vier

Thanks to blogger friend Allan over @ photoblography3.and a new reader Marie @ hopsskipsandjumps for this #10day10photo challenge.

The travel challenge involves posting one favourite travel picture for each day – That’s 10 days, 10 travel pictures, 10 nominations (doubt I can do that as I don’t really have 10 bloggers in my life that would be interested so think I will just tag 1 on my final day) and 0 explanations about the post.

If there is any interest I then reveal the location and perhaps a story the next day. Although doing the kindness advent activity daily blog at the same time means I am spending way too much time on WordPress and my phone.


DAY VIER (Portugese)

We did a 6 day bike trip along the western coast and the scenery was constantly stunning. This shot was taken on the first day after a morning spent climbing and descending and repeating. Probably at the point this photo was taken we were wondering what we had done! The chance to see the terrain up close and personal while burning enough calories to eat and drink whatever we wanted to! This particular photo is between Setubal and Sesimbra near a beach that made us want to tarry all day!