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Sparkle time

There was no mad dash this year to find a sparkly Christmas outfit for the OR annual dinner and dance. Not much need this year for any kind of sparkle actually which is why today’s activity was kind of nice change.

We drove around a suggested route in Saskatoon and took in Christmas lights. Have not done that ever. No seriously we probably scarred our children because we never took them to see lights. It always seemed like there was so much going on in our lives, in our neighborhoud and the whole working weekends thing. Time just got away from us so tonight we meandered along and saw how much effort some people make!

There is the Smurf Crescent and the teddy bear one. The annual over the top fireworks yard 150% full one (where the heck do they store all that stuff!) and the crescent full of snowman. There was also a full size snow half ton truck in a yard with a real tree being “hauled” by it, a blue dragon that filled the entire front yard and a snow man that dwarfed a Dodge Ram truck. Because hey we have snow!

Not the only display that had masks but for sure the cutest

We noted it’s the first time we’ve been off the property at night in probably 6 weeks or maybe even longer? So it was a nice little bit of sparkle time. Now my other half is having a Christmas zoom soccer whiskey social that may go on for hours. It’s one of the few times we’ve actually used technology to connect with friends — this is a group of guys we’ve been hanging out with for decades and it’s strange not to see them regularly. As such is 2020.



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