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Rude Interruption

I am breaking into the regularly scheduled program of Advent Calendars with this rude interruption of a post. I honestly have to get this out of my system. Later today I will resume our gratitude and kindness but for today there is a rant coming on. This time, unlike The Rant! (which was just a frustrated reveal of working in a public health care system and making due), it’s a shove at the government, the premier and many citizens of our province that are making choices that impact us all.

I mean what the bloody hell are we doing here? I think Stephen Lewis nailed it in his opinion piece here at

In a nutshell — the Premier was avoiding making any decisions based on scientific evidence. In essence making no  bad  weird decisions and that has the doctors, nurses and other health care providers facing increased pressures and some citizens facing serious health risks . One asks what the economy will really look like with worst case scenario numbers happening? The medical world is spinning out of control.

The death toll in our tiny little province (not by land mass but by population) has skyrocketed. We went from 45 to 105(when I started this post it was at 91 and it is now at 105) really in the blink of an eye. These aren’t statistics – these are people’s spouses, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and friends. These could be our next door neighbours.

But apparently, according to those that attend rallies and alight Twitter with nonsense, this is all just blown out of proportion. People have comorbidities so they die of Covid. Again, quoting them, we should all stop watching CBC because it is fake news and it’s a conspiracy. So it’s ok to gather 300 people without masks because it’s a personal right to be able to express our views? Only 2 people were fined. I wonder how much Covid was spread?

Premier Moe was publicly on the record as stating that he thought family gatherings would be able to be opened back up but then a few days ago he backtracked big time and locked down households. Now on the other hand feel free to meet ALL of your family at the mall or perhaps go to a movie where you can mingle in the foyer and sit 6′ apart in the theatre. That works or perhaps two or three tables worth of friends at the bar or restaurant? Or plan a formal gathering of 30 at a banquet facility so eating and drinking together are ok as long as you finish up by 10 pm. Or you can always meet up at a big box store and block the aisles while you all stand and chat. Sports minded and want an inside gathering no worries as 8 of you can train together. Hold that shopping on boxing day as that is restricted but storm those stores now as there is no limit.

Don’t get me wrong. There was definitely a need for more measures and some need to protect the economy but I am not convinced that the decisions are reflect the sciencet. I feel I have to do my part to uphold them. But it makes no sense why two families that have severly curtailed outside interactions down to curbside pick up and 2 jobs amongst the 4 adults can’t see each other. So it’s a real mixed message. Perhaps I am just rationalizing why we should keep seeing our grandchildren and have Christmas together.

I read a very articulate post this morning called With freedom comes responsibility …. Social responsibility to do the right thing for our health care system and for our neighbours.

I’ve thought long and hard about whether or not to even publish this but in the end I am going to. Perhaps some day one of my children will stumble upon it and know that we felt anguish over the apparent decision to favour one versus another when really it was the risk factors of jobs and lifestyles. Perhaps our grandchildren will read this decades hence and realize why they didn’t see Uncle S and Auntie L for so long. It breaks my heart that the little guy doesn’t know them like his big sister does.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that this whole thing is like the dreaded group work assignment at school. You all know the one – 6 students 1 subject 1 report 1 mark to be shared by all. Yeah that group work where 1 went to Mexico for the duration, 1 to Edmonton, 1 to Palm Springs, 1 moved in at the farm and couldn’t break that bubble and so 2 of us were left holding the report together. Yeah that group work where not everyone plays on the same playing field but gets the same mark. Ah but here’s the rub; their mark might come up Covid positive and mine not. There is always that possibility. #unfiltered (but run by my in house editor).


14 thoughts on “Rude Interruption

  1. I sympathize. But here in the east, where our politicians quickly closed borders and put in strict regulations – which continue to have widespread support – we have extraordinarily low infection rates and yet we still follow strict rules and will have very constrained Christmases. Most people are wearing masks outside as well as inside even though the whole province had 0 new cases today. Mind you, we have all figured out that wearing masks outdoors does help keep you warm! Now if I could just figure out how to keep my glasses from fogging up!!

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    1. We had decent early compliance but it has gone out the window now and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. I am sadly disappointed by the freedom rallies and the anti mask rallies. This is the home of universal health care and one would think we would understand what it takes to provide that. I’ve been so impressed with the people of the eastern bubble and the leaders.

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  2. I’m saddened to read that there is the same insanity there as there is in the US. For some reason, I thought Canadians had more sense. The same people who deny reality are causing the reality of the virus to last so much longer and have a even deadlier impact. Shame on so many.


    1. The issues aren’t near as huge here in Canada as what I’ve seen on the news reports but it’s still crazy. I wish Canadians had more sense. The provinces on both sides of me (Alberta and Manitoba) have had a LOT of rallies while there have only been two here. It’s hard to accept that the people of Saskatchewan would not support our health care system as we are the home do Canada’s universal health care concept. The consequences of these actions are really the issue.

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  3. Well, well! This heartens me, Bernie. To know I am not alone in ranting on my blog (different topic but ranting all the same). I made the decision this week to NOT go to my daughter’s house for Christmas dinner or to visit indoors with them while they have my step-grandkids staying with them. Unfortunately the kiddos are only down for 2 weeks so by the time it would be safe to visit, they will be going home to Mom’s house again, on the mainland. The risks are kinda low, but the consequences of being wrong are huge…and I don’t want my daughter to have to carry that, should the worst happen. Even though I am a grown-up and it would be my decision to shoulder that risk…I know my daughter! Plus I still have people who need me in their lives, so to take this risk would be selfish on my part.
    This too shall pass, and hopefully we are all here next year to reminisce on this very different holiday.

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    1. It’s our own blogs so I guess we can rant if we want! I love that a regular reader Allan ranted in his comment.
      As to your decision yes the risk is low but the consequence can be literally life threatening. Yes it will pass and life will go back to a somewhat more normal.

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  4. You might have a plumbing issue that needs to be repaired, and it will take 2 weeks to do so. Where do you go as you do not have running water? Oh wait – go to your daughter’s house as you have to have somewhere to stay – right? No go …………………

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    1. Well we had a radiator issue which would have meant we could go NO Where at all if it stayed cold but Mr Handy got it all repaired. No shoe glue just WD-40! Plus no microwave so perhaps the water truly will be next as it comes in threes!

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  5. Yup, your Premier and ours in Alberta blew it badly. Instead of putting reasonable restrictions in place after Thanksgiving, he waited until last Sunday to do it for 28 days. He likes to trust the people and he likes to protect their rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Give me a break. Good health precautions will mean a good economy. Sick and dead people tend not to shop. And don’t get me started on the protests groups, stimulated by his comments on rights. Top that off with a Libertarian radio talk show host challenging all restrictions and looking or loopholes in front 9f an audience. Just work together people and believe in the science and we will get back to normal sooner. Ooooops. Sorry for ranting on your rant Bernie. Allan

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    1. We missed the boat. On Thursday we should have moved to our daughter’s house for the next 2 weeks as we’ve been one bubble and if we lives together it would all have been fine. Friends of hers/ours did that but I didn’t think of it in time to do it before it became illegal. So now what??


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