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No tea party

I set out for some baking therapy with the added goal of participating in the #virtualteaparty2020. Seemed like a win win; baking and an uplifting blog post but…

Fry’s – my fav brand. No – they don’t pay me but wouldn’t that be lovely?

Baking never goes out of style here with my tall lean husband, who eats cookies, cake and ice cream regularly, much to my chagrin as I have to severely limit all those things being the — how shall I say it — short stocky type that I am. Baking has always been a huge part of my life and I thoroughly enjoy it. Today was no exception that the time in the kitchen was mentally balancing.

So here’s my #virtualteaparty2020 staged photo. My favourite Canadian cook book Feast, my next fabric pull for a Christmas project and my glass of water. Ah well I don’t drink tea so the water is my nod to a part of tea, like really weak tea I guess! The winter display, which harkens to hygge, set out to brighten my spirit.

That is, until I watch the news, read updates, text my daughter and talk with a friend. Then I just want to eat the entire frigging loaf. Because I am a stress eater and because honestly Covid is overwhelming me at this moment. The federal government is playing Russian roulette with the provincial governments. Our provincial government is just sitting on their hands waiting. Waiting for a federal hand out with the economy and meanwhile people are dying. The infection rate in Saskatoon area is 15% – no wonder I am having panic attacks in my dreams. This is not sustainable for our health care system. The economy will recover faster than

I thought if we gave up Thanksgiving we could have Christmas. But too few of us did and look what happened. I feel frustrated that it feels like so few are taking responsibility for their actions. But as my stable soul mate reminds me we, personally are making the best choices we can. I try hard to keep a positive perspective on most things but right now I’m struggling. There are Canadians out there whining about the fact that masks are an infringement on their rights. Yeah so is death but their actions could easily lead to that. I wanted to believe it as radical spots but it’s happening here in Saskatchewan.

I want the politicians to do the hard thing. I want the chief medical officer to do the hard thing. I want the citizens to make good choices and do hard things. I want the health care workers to stay safe. I want to keep the death toll and Long Covid numbers as low as possible. I want to wish upon a star and make it so but think the reality is I will go eat another slice of the saskatoon chocolate rye loaf.

I had zero concept in March when I started writingthe Isolation Chronicles that I would still be writing them a year later but I will be. The weird thing is I set out to make this a light tasty post about baking and tea parties and yet somehow here I am again. Talking and thinking and worrying about the pandemic. My action for tomorrow is to write a short letter to the Premier Moe and Dr. Shahab asking for more actions. It feels like the least I can do besides following the guidelines.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

2 thoughts on “No tea party

  1. With the current news cycle, it is hard to stay away from the Covid spin. Our Government is worse than yours, still relying on Albertan’s to “do the right thing”. They are scared to impose fines on large gatherings, but rush to shut down group sports. Their tracing app has been running for over 4 months and has been used precisely 19 times and they dilly dally to sign onto the Federal app. And skeptics abound and say we will not follow the sensible cautions. Humans will be their own undoing. The fact that we are still better off than South of the 49th is no longer solace. Stay well Bernie and continue to enjoy baking. Allan

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    1. I feel like most of the provincial governments, this time around (minus the Atlantic bubble) are waffling and wasting time. Our choices should keep us safe but one doesn’t know that given the chances others are taking. Thanks for stopping by Allan.

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