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By the God Yeezys

My mother couldn’t cook when she got married. Rather an odd state of affairs in the 50’s but there you have it. The long story about why can be found here in the Legacy of May Honey post. Stories abound in the older cousins about the things my mom made that didn’t turn out.

My parents had a hired man of Scandinavian background. It was before my time but I’ve heard he had a fairly strong accent. Keeping in mind that my mother wasn’t much of a cook this probably came as a surprise to her when he said “by the god yeezys Mrs this is good soup”. I rarely recall my mother ever making soup let alone one that was outstanding. She, on the other hand, loves the soup I make and has often complimented me.

I think of that story often when I make a pot of soup and it turns out to be delicious. I totally get why the owner of a local shop that specializes in soup called her place D’Lish.

Now I’ve a fair hand at making a pot of soup myself. It’s my favourite lunch from Sept to May. I like to keep it varied and interesting and use what is on hand so most weekends turn out a pot full of something. Now that I’m semi retired soup making isn’t restricted to weekends.

I noted last night that the mushrooms were a bit worse for wear so decided cream of mushroom soup was the order of the day. Food processors make quick work of the chopping for a cream soup and soon I had sauteed up onions, celery and the less than stellar mushrooms. A goodly pinch of sea salt is the biggest must in any soup pot. I then made a roux and added chicken stock (which I make and have on hand) and some milk. Into that loveliness I put a small piece of blue cheese, some Romano and a goodly amount of freshly ground black pepper.

While the soup is melding together I am texting with my daughter. She grew up watching me make soup but is just starting to discover the background to a good chicken stock. Little tips like don’t reuse the same veggies in the soup that made the stock. If it’s chicken noodle cook the pasta in its own pot and add to the stock and veggies otherwise it sucks your flavourful stock. I’m pleased to teach her as it’s a great skill to have and she’s got fresh tasty chicken carcasses galore.

It’s a simple pleasure to make your own soup. It’s not really that hard or time consuming but it’s a great feeling to know exactly what’s in the food you are eating. In the current mode around the world this seems like a “nothing important” kind of post but it fills more than just my stomach when I create in the kitchen. Anyone else know that feeling?



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

16 thoughts on “By the God Yeezys

    1. It was so good I may have hid the leftovers 😌.
      Thanks for stopping by and engaging with a comment. I see your comments over on D’s and suspect you read mine but it’s been a while since you’ve checked in so thanks!! Take care and stay six!


  1. I love to make – and eat – soup! I love cream of mushroom soup but I’ve never made it… perhaps I should change that. My current favorites are minestrone and a chicken and veggie soup that has some fire to it. I’m happy that we are entering soup and roasted vegetable season here. Yum!.


    1. Oh home made cream of mushroom means you will never go back to a can!! It’s as simple as my blog post made it seem. I keep my milk to chicken stock ratio pretty even as I don’t need extra calories but it would be even better with some heavy cream in it! Hard to pick a favourite but probably scotch broth (beef barley) or cream of mushroom or cheddar broccoli or… You get the drift. I love it all! Thanks for stopping in Janis and sharing this love of soup with me.


  2. Hi, Bernie – I’m a HUGE fan of soup. I love making it on low in a slow-cooker and having the flavours slowly meld together. I have a crockpot full of Vegetable Soup simmering right now, During the cooler weather version of the Pandemic, I find that soup is a great socially distanced lunch. I have a blogging friend dropping by for lunch today. We’ll eat outdoors and let our extra woollies, the patio heater, and the soup keep us warm. If I could only have one type of meal in fall or winter, it would definitely be soup!

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    1. I’m with you but as I said to Deb my other half needs his big meal or he can’t keep weight on (definitely not my problem!). HM – lunch on the patio. I did that today outside the little shop that specializes in soup. Crazy warm for Sask in November! Bet it wasn’t quite as warm as VI! Thanks for stopping in and engaging with me over our shared joy of this comfort food!


  3. I definitely know that feeling, and it’s a good one! Soup was the star of many a casual meal at my house growing up. I love putting together a tasty pot of it, from scratch.


    1. I rarely serve it for supper — my other half has a high metabolism and it’s not enough food for him even if it’s a protein based soup. But for lunch – it’s just the best. Plus it keeps so well and you can use what you have on hand. Thanks for stopping by and engaging about this comfort food post Deb.

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  4. Great story Bernie. Soup is Canadian comfort food for sure. My Patty makes a great number of delicious soups and I have a few selections as well. Thanks for sharing. Allan

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  5. I love making soup!! My girls are on this ‘bone broth’ rage, even going so far as to buy bone broth from the market. I think they were astounded to find out that I make said bone broth as well! It’s not a new thing, I’ve been doing it for years!! It goes to show what trends can do to making something old school new again, and trendy. Who knew we were so trendy

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      1. You used to say stuff! At one point you were my number 1 commenter and then you kind of disappeared. Glad you are back to engaging in conversation here.


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