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Woman of Action

The sun popped out this morning and with it my energy to do something. Enough with the negative thoughts. My resolve came from within and from this blog post called Transformation Woman in Action.

So instead of feeling helpless and hopeless I sat down and wrote a letter, with an actual pen and paper. Boy that’s old school and hard to edit on the go. I popped it into the computer and emailed it to the Premier, the Minister of Health and my MLA.

Premier Moe

It’s time to take strong direct action. It’s time to put all Saskatchewan lives at the top of the priority list. The economy will recover but families never “recover” from losing loved ones.

I would support a full lock down right now today.

Failing that we need more action in several key areas. It’s time to pivot our actions and slow these numbers down. WE NEED directives to close down all gatherings: sports, church, bingo halls, bars and restaurants. We can use technology to support local businesses that aren’t essential services. Curbside pick up allows the staff and the customer to be protected while still keeping the economy going.

The doctors have given you their professional opinion. The impact on our health care system, the patients and its workers will be deadly.

Now it’s time for the citizens to add their voices to these concerns.

PLEASE: you must take a stronger stance against this virus that is killing and sidelining the people of Saskatchewan. Waffling on what to close down costs lives.

Act Now and save lives.

Bernie Cruikshank, Aberdeen

Maybe it’s like a snow flake in a blizzard; seen briefly as it flys around and then it gets packed down into a drift. But I spoke out.

It’s just one email….but perhaps if more citizens stepped forward and emailed their representatives we could have an impact. Here in our province and our country. Please give it some consideration. Become a citizen of action.

UPDATE as of Nov 20 – I have heard back from all 3 offices of the elected officials that I sent the letter to. Here is the letter from the Premier’s Office

On behalf of Premier Scott Moe, thank you for your email.  We appreciate the time you have taken to share your views.

The health and safety of Saskatchewan people remains our government’s top priority. The measures implemented are based on the advice of Saskatchewan’s Chief Medical Health Officer, the Ministry of Health and the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

On Tuesday, November 17, 2020, the Premier and Dr. Shahab announced further restrictions and indicated that the Ministry of Health will be consulting with the hospitality industry, athletic organization and gyms, and faith leaders to determine how the guidelines, taken seriously by many, can be enhanced to ensure that the necessary measures are being taken to reduce COVID-19 transmission.–new-public-health-measures-in-effect-november-19

Public health officials continue to assess the national and provincial public health risks, based on the best available evidence as the situation evolves. We will re-evaluate and tailor our measures as necessary to ensure the safety of Saskatchewan people.

Thank you for writing, your feedback is important.

The Minister of Health’s office says” As individuals, we are responsible for ensuring our actions do not put ourselves or others at risk. We encourage everyone to remember that there are individuals in our society who may be immune compromised and would be at significant risk if they are exposed to serious illness. We all can take preventative measures.

The health and safety of Saskatchewan people remains our government’s top priority. Our government and Ministry of Health officials have been working collaboratively with our federal/provincial/territorial counterparts in responding to COVID-19.

The response from the the MLA’s office was more personal and they thanked me for writing and voicing my concerns and said that she was aware of the evolving COVID-19 situation and the impact this is having on the lives of people across our province. Please be assured your correspondence has been brought to Bronwyn’s attention. We do appreciate the time you have taken to share your views and concerns with her.

So if my feedback is so important imagine if they had that same feedback from a huge volume of concerned Saskatchewan citizens. I STRONGLY URGE ANY SASKATCHEWAN READERS TO PLEASE WRITE TO THE PREMIER AND ADD YOUR VOICE OF CONCERN.

So I think my next letter will be to Saskatchewan’s Chief Medical Health Officer and the Saskatchewan Health Authority. Again perhaps like a snow flake in a blizzard but I will tell you that if the wind blows hard enough on those snow flakes they turn into a solid wall of snow that is bloody hard to remove. So if you feel that our government needs to act now and implement a circuit breaker please add your voice and email your voice to my wall of snow!

Take care and stay safe out there everyone and I’m not talking about winter driving.


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That “Kind” of Day

Remember the old saying “But teacher, the dog ate my homework?”. The modern equivalent is this “my post was eaten by WordPress/my computer”. Yes I hit save and yes I tried the backdoor. No I can’t rescue it so here is the short version.

It’s world kindness day. It should be our default but somehow it’s not what we choose. So today let’s try hard.

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A Unique Remembrance Day

The men and women marched down the wide street, the cold north wind blasting at them. The two blocks from the Legion building to the Cenotaph covered in quick time. The  amazement in my mind that these farmers and wives knew how to march. That those names on the monument meant something personal to them*. The ‘Last Post’ played on a trumpet by a local youth and the dropping of the poppies on the bottom of the plinth. These are my first memories of Remembrance Day in small town Saskatchewan in the 60’s.

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