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Muddied Waters

Twice in the last 40 years we muddied the waters of Thanksgiving weekend. Which means we celebrate 3 events over 3 days or so.

First we got married during the long weekend (39 years ago today) and then years later our daughter was born on the 12th. Her birthday doesn’t always fall on Thanksgiving but more often than not it does.

Now 2020 being 2020 means a number of things and none of them normal. The once a year where we dress up and go out to eat a fancy meal was not happening. Birthday cake (never ever to be confused with pumpkin pie) will not be served and shared after we sing to our youngest. That farm fresh 21 pound turkey our son-in-law raised will have to stay frozen in space for a while longer.

Still I felt it was important to celebrate as much as we could. So I put “On the Ritz” so to speak. The garden provided the produce and the meat store the lamb and presto. Nicely set table. Some celebratory locally produced mead we had been saving for a special occasion. Sticky toffee pudding with whiskey sauce as dessert. Now if only the house elves would come along and do dishes.

It’s important to mark the occasion. One isn’t guaranteed another year together as a couple. Too often we get caught up in the “to do” list and lose sight of the Real List . Sheer irony there is that the fourth picture above is our accomplished “to do” list for today (all the windows cleaned inside and out plus the screens removed).

Perhaps it’s not sheer irony though but rather a testament to our ability to work together. Of how we can now move easily as a unit through tasks like that. We’ve meshed well over the 40+ years we’ve been together.

It’s not hard to remember the day or so many special moments from it. What is hard to reconcile or fathom is that we had no idea where we were going and yet we got here. We didn’t know where here was but somehow we worked our way together through easy times, tough times and loads of ordinary days to arrive right where we are supposed to be.

As always, there is so much to be thankful for, on Thanksgiving weekend.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

12 thoughts on “Muddied Waters

  1. My dad’s sudden death muddied the Thanksgiving waters for me. 23 years ago today. No turkey that year, and my mother away visiting family in the Netherlands at the time made for a pretty terrible weekend. I can’t even remember what we did with that turkey, but it wasn’t cooked. Thankfully there have been many better Thanksgivings since then. Life goes on.



  2. Oh my – our Octobers mirror each other. Yes, we too celebrate 3 occasions each Thanksgiving weekend – our wedding anniversary (37 this year), the birth of our oldest son (the 15th), and of course Thanksgiving itself. October is easily one of my favourite months.

    I love wedding photos and your’s is lovely. I love the look of satisfaction on your face! 🙂

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your long weekend!

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    1. It’s the start of busy season for us with birthdays now one a month until Feb with 3 and one on March 1. Then we are done again until October. Although who knows what we will celebrate this year. We may do a drive way visit with my daughter on her birthday but that will be it.
      Ah old wedding pictures. Aren’t they priceless. I love photos in general as they allow memories to resurface and these certainly do.
      Stay safe and enjoy your Thanksgiving. Thanks for stopping in to read and to engage.

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  3. A very happy 39th anniversary to you both. Yes, Thanksgiving is a wee bit different this year. None of us could have imagined this in our youthful days and perhaps that is why Covid is increasing its grip among the young now. Enjoy the weekend and indeed, give thanks. Stay well Bernie. Allan


    1. Where does the time go? It was good that you marked your 44th as that encouraged me to do something special. Yes the world is a lot different than it was and some of us are doing our part. We are indeed giving thanks, staying home and staying well. Thanks for reading and engaging.

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