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Anniversary Day

I awoke to an anniversary announcement, one that I wasn’t actually expecting. I had not forgotten our wedding vow date nor my children’s wedding anniversaries. No indeed WordPress wanted to congratulate me on making it to 6 years.

In all actuality it’s been significantly longer than 6 years. The first blog was hosted via the U of S and their affiliation with WordPress but alas space was limited and I ran out about 6 1/2 years ago, only part way through our house restoration. With help we got that blog transferred over to the 1918 EatonEager site. Lost a few pictures but it’s the same blog that I started in October of 2006. So far the counter says there have been 192 posts but I suspect that’s just since we switched over. Although truthfully in the “off season” of construction I may only do one or two posts if we start and finish a project. People used to say to me – why aren’t you blogging and I would say because we haven’t made any progress.

Up to date progress as of yesterday

Which is what lead me to starting a seperate blog (this one) which I had been contemplating for a while before I bite the bullet. I wanted somewhere I could post non house related  stories plus a travel record. That’s the blog that is truly having an anniversary today and wow has it ever grown. The very first year I posted every day (almost) and even had one post go mini viral hence the 4618 views in one day. Never gonna top that one! It was called Rant and I hadn’t even realized what happened a couple of days later. It also warranted a lot of comments and Facebook shares (back when I double posted which I quit doing last year). I decided if someone wanted to read what I wrote I didn’t need to spoon feed it to them. As anticipated I lost a lot of readers but I am ok with that. Readership was still high during the Haiti Mission and during 2018 Advent Activities.

The stats on the anniversary blog

Now the sheer irony of this all is that today I had a serious spike in stats today but not on this blog. It’s over in my new this year photo blog, the link is here at 3six5. I wanted a challenge to look at my world this year daily with fresh eyes. I often add a haiku or some bad poetry (rhyming seems harder than I think it should be!). It’s first and foremost the photography but it was also a good chance to learn the new editor inside WordPress.

Now one would think that would be enough blogs to juggle but I am seriously thinking about starting another one. We just recently bought a trailer and it needs some updating as it’s 14 years old and looks dated. There is so little good content out there about this very subject. Lots of pictures on Instagram and Pinterest but no real substance about how to do this and that. So it seems like perhaps it’s a good fit as it will also be a great diary of that restoration journey. It’s so easy to run out of space if you add a lot of pictures that a new blog with a specific role/slant/project can be a smart idea. I’ve picked that tip up from a blogger I follow (who is also the reader who drove up my stats today and has become my number 1 commenter).

Felt the need to end with one of those photos I love to walk around taking

I’ve learnt a lot along the way. I also have no intention of slowing down here in the blog world. I don’t feel a need to rebalance here as I love the written word and spending time writing. I often feel that I don’t connect with my readers as much as I wish though. I pour the words from my head and heart down and hope that it connects. That’s the point of blogging and so I will indeed celebrate this anniversary.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

10 thoughts on “Anniversary Day

    1. Thanks. The skies the limit I guess! I love having it all under one “roof” but too many pictures and one runs out of “rooms” so madly off in other directions here I go! Thanks for the comment Deb. It’s raining here today – should I clean my house?

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    1. I’ve been at it for a long time — it is a passing fade with a lot of people or an occasional “thing” but for me it’s become my social media of choice. I prefer deeper content and a chance to really connect although I must admit to getting sucked into Instrgram far too often. I meant to add up the total number of blog posts I’ve done but forgot that stat. Oh well maybe next year. Thanks for stopping by and commenting — appreciate connecting with the readers (I was surprised you didn’t comment on the isolation insulation post about how you were handling the pandemic). Stay safe.


  1. Congrats on your blogging anniversary. Glad to hear that you have no intention of slowing down or stopping. I like the idea of starting a new blog that focuses on restoring your trailer. I’ve been thinking a lot about buying an RV/trailer these days, so this topic is top of mind.


    1. Thanks for the congrats! It felt like a blog worthy achievement.
      If you buy a trailer I feel will you will enjoy it lots. We had a tent trailer from the time our kids were 4/6 as we just found tenting was So MUCH work with little ones. It means you can’t do backcountry but it opens up other possibilities. So check back as I will link up when I start the project. Stay safe.

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