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The Dust Settles

There is one thing I never do in the summer. Or so it seems and with Covid there is even less reason. So when the construction dust settles it seems to settle deeply as I rarely clean the house in the summer. I’ve stated many times that I wish, for the summer, we had a house keeper. This year is particularly bad as without house guests or supper parties I can’t even find a reason to wipe up that dust.

The grandchildren don’t seem to care. My kids don’t care. I do a quick kitchen bathroom clean before they show up and call it a day. The dog certainly doesn’t care. My other half doesn’t make comments because he’s outside creating said dust! So it gets thicker.

I love that we don’t have A/C and that ventilation in our house, after a hot day, is full open windows and breezes blowing through. More dust settles.

I’ve noted this year during the lock down I kept the house tidy but not obsessively clean. It seems my standards are indeed tied to what others think. Although recently I had to reverse that thought.

It got so bad I had to dust. Perhaps it helped that it was a rain day so the garden and roofing were on hold. I would love to have taken myself upstairs to the attic to do some creative project but the dust was staring me in the face. So I stared it down. Then I gave in and cleaned the bathrooms. Then I washed the kitchen cupboards and then I …. I was longing for sunshine and outside time by then and it happened. The weather turned around and I walked outside without a backwards glance at the dust settling again.

The reason for this month’s dust!

I wish that I had learnt earlier in life to let it go. I spent a lot of time when my children were little cleaning. Like every night after they went to bed I would straighten each room and clean as I went along. My kitchen must be clean and orderly at all times and I must say that hasn’t really changed.

Have your habits changed over the years? Have my standards slipped or is it just “The Covid” that is pushing me to let go with the dusting? Perhaps it’s a rebalancing of my priorities? The verdict, for me, is still out.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

8 thoughts on “The Dust Settles

  1. You have already identified the word: rebalance!
    Covid has just reminded us of what is really important – dust will always come to visit, but the sunshine is needed for your soul! Enjoy each happy moment as it presents itself to you, and be blessed that you were able to receive it! Hugs!


    1. Ah yes me and that sunshine! I suspect it’s just a summer/Covid casualty and that come fall I will rebalance yet again. I think that’s what I have discovered — I have to evaluate and rebalance things as I never seem to just go easy into anything!


  2. When I lived in Ontario I had a rule that I would only clean house on rainy days (in the spring/summer/fall). Now that I live on Vancouver Island I may have to rethink this!😂


    1. That’s too funny Deb because I have the same rule but I didn’t just move to a rainy climate. Perhaps a set morning or afternoon and then it won’t get too crazy? Don’t wait for the snow 😉

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  3. Yup, as they say…”Don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff. Life is to short to spend it cleaning up. I know we used to be fanatical about doing the dishes after company went home, no matter the hour. Now, it takes very little to get us to leave them for the morning. Cheers. Allan


    1. No matter what time the party ends we do up the kitchen. Turns out we’d rather put it to bed before we go to bed than get up to the mess. I am still pretty finicky about the kitchen so I really haven’t totally learn to let go! Thanks for the safe advice though — maybe I will get there some day.

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    1. Well I suspect it will only last for the summer / as per usual. Then in the fall I do a significant dust reduction day and try to keep it up // so much easier in the snow of winter than the dust of summer


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