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Canada Day 2020

It feels like a subdued Canada Day; the pandemic cancelling all big celebrations and the protests about our serious inequalities dampering our pride in this country of ours.

I still want to celebrate and we, personally, are in a small way. Just the extended family which equals 2 extra plus our base 8 so it’s not like we are breaking Covid recommendations. But still with 2 over 60, 2 over 70 and 2 under 10 we are on the cautious side. We will have a BBQ and potato salad (because what else would you eat today), enjoy a brew or two (depends on who you are how many you consume) and treasure the family time. We’ve really missed our family of 10 suppers. Today we will take our annual Canada pictures with our grandchildren.

For you see I want them to grow up proud of where they live. I know it’s not perfect and that we, the white majority, have amends to make. But, I strongly feel, that we shouldn’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Gosh that’s an old saying! But in essence let’s build on our positive core values of medical care, education and an appreciation of our vast landscape and resources. Let’s work on equality for all not just for the privileged few.

Oh Canada – our home on native land. We all need to stand together. Perhaps that is naive but I prefer to believe that it focuses on the positives.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

6 thoughts on “Canada Day 2020

    1. Donna,
      Thanks for the comment about the writing. I struggled with he words for sure because I am a very proud Canadian and yet want to learn and improve our country for my littles.
      Yes I think they are gorgeous but I am prejudiced to the nines! I don’t often show their faces out of respect to their parents’ wishes but even so you can see the love!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


    1. Which I think Deb is where we all need to step up to the plate. I got part way through reading the truth and reconciliation report and never finished it. It’s a good first step. And education. As an adult I had no idea that there was a residential school in Sask until 1994.
      Thanks for stopping in and reinforcing that I did actually articulate where I was trying to go.

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  1. Glad you managed a family Canada Day Bernie. The best we could do was neighbours on the back deck (physically distancing). They almost got trapped here during the huge deluges of rain we had (42 mm in two days). I’d like to say there was no fireworks, but was woken up 5 times during the night by those who set them off, the latest at 2 AM. A little groggy this AM, but transfusion of coffee is helping. I think Canada has a lot to be proud of, but we must not get smug. There is work to be done. Have a great day Bernie. Allan


    1. We had a glorious evening Allan. The clouds rolled out around 3, it warmed up and the wind died down around 7:30. We watched 3 sets of distant fireworks last evening but only heard the one set.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope the rain finally stops for you guys. Must be green!

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