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Once again

The sunlight loses its grip and twilight descends across the valley. The north western sky a special luminescence. At midnight, here in my location, the twinge of light remains in the north. Two hours later the band of light is brighter but now resides in the north east corner of the sky. In a mere two more hours the entire eastern sky is brilliant shades of yellow, free of clouds and wind. Continue reading “Once again”

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Trifecta Day

Today is the start of summer which coincided, this year, with father’s day. It is also National Indigenous Day. It seems like an easy one to blog about, especially seems I have permission to share some super cute photos of our littles.

It started out as a cloudy cool day but the weather turned around. It ended as the perfect summer evening; no wind, no clouds and a sunset that shimmered into a radiant red band across the entire north horizon. The kind of evening that sucks one into staying up late because 10:30 looks like 8:45!

Garden produce was picked for part of our picnic lunch today so what a great start to summer that is. Growing your own food is so incredibly satisfying.

An impromptu picnic lunch was served on the beach blanket amidst smiles, giggles and snuggles. Again the kind of moment that just makes your heart swell with joy. The man of my dreams is a wonderful father and as a grampa – well it’s just the best to see and it’s hard to find the words to express how incredible it feels.

An outside supper topped off our day; cooked and served by our talented daughter; who incidentally thinks her dad is pretty darn terrific. Father’s Day is hard there though because our son in law lost his dad a few years ago and the whole he left remains evident. Grampa Gary is spoken of often and I feel he would be so proud of the type of dad his son has become.

The level of joy today in our personal lives was at the top of the charts. Which brings into focus how much we take our white privilege for granted.

There are so many indigenous children who didn’t know their dad’s growing up; sent off to residential schools so young. Far too many who had no idea of how to live off the land. How to grow your food and your soul by being centered within a family. These things were stripped from generations of those that lived on this land long before we settled it. It’s important that we listen and learn. That we recognize the pain and suffering that has been part of their daily lives now for more than a century.

It’s late and it’s an early alarm day. I feel like I could have done all the subjects more justice given more time but I also feel it’s important that I hit post today otherwise it’s too little too late.


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Summer solstice 2020

Not where I planned on being but Dawson City will still be there next year. It’s a minor casualty of Covid 19.

Today was spent with family doing a big job. We pulled together as a team and got it done. Bonus was the wonderful time interacting with our grandchildren. We even got to have a small fire and roast marshmallows.

The sunset wasn’t spectacular but the light lingered on and on and on. It really is my favourite day of the year.

Feel free to drop me a note here and let me know how your summer solstice day was. I hope that you found pleasure in the small things because really those are the big things in life.