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Stay the _ _ _ _ HOME

It’s not that complex and it’s not even that hard. Well maybe it’s hard on some levels but at it’s simplest form it’s basic.

Stay the _ _ _ _ home.

We watched The National last night and I am sure that my blood pressure went up when they showed the pictures from the sea wall in Vancouver. The picture below doesn’t even touch how many people we saw walking, biking, hanging out and eating. It’s nuts for the province with one of the highest number of Covid 19 cases. I thought we were smarter than this but maybe I am naive and an optimist.

The example below shows why it’s so bloody important that we stay the _ _ _ _ home. Yet story after story after story of people (all across Canada) who come straight back from travel and are out in stores. Who would have ever thought that retail workers would be on the front line again and again. First getting trampled and yelled at because people are hoarding toilet paper and now with this ignorant behavior of those who don’t seem to care about anyone but themselves.


Stay the _ _ _ _ home. Funerals and weddings are being delayed. So even if it’s +9 and spring is in the air stay home. If you want to catch up with a friend use the phone and call them. Read bedtime stories over video calls if you are missing your grandchildren. Think how fortunate we are that these options exist. During the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic our ancestors didn’t have those luxuries.

So let’s stay home. Fill your time with whatever works for you. Stay connected with family and friends in whatever format works for you. But first and foremost Stay HOME. Please, for all of us.

End of rant. Wouldn’t it be great if this went viral and all of a sudden more people realized how serious this health threat is. Ah yes remember when I said I was an optimist… I’d be very surprised if my small readership wasn’t already 💯 compliment.

Stand apart but stay connected.


PS this isn’t about social shaming it’s about being responsible and committed to the health of mankind

16 thoughts on “Stay the _ _ _ _ HOME

  1. Hi Bernie – Deb from the Widow Badass introduced me to your blog.

    So many of us are also frustrated and angry with the often irresponsible response to this crisis by the clueless, selfish, and ignorant. They always walk among us but during difficult times like this, they stand out more.

    I appreciate we all have brain farts on occasion and do or say things we shouldn’t have, but it’s the I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude that is most shocking. On bad days, I fear for the survival of our species.


    1. Hi Joanne. I’ve been reading your posts for a while. Love the doors series and your hikes with Deb.
      Yes it’s crazy but apparently a study yesterday that showed 1 in 5 Canadians believe there is too much hype and not enough true risk. What the ??? We have 71 ventilators in a province of over 1 M // I’m not playing Russian roulette with my health thanks for very much and even if you survive a serious case of it your lungs will be scarred for life. Yep staying home is just fine.
      Thanks for dropping in and commenting. Nice to see a new friendly face in this time of physical isolation. Take care.


      1. You just answered one of the questions that’s been lingering in my mind … ie does the virus permanently damage the lungs? Now I feel even more intent on staying healthy. I plan to keep using my lungs for a long time.


      2. Any time there is a lung issue it will take a long time for recovery. You can look at smoker’s lungs 35 years after they stop and see the damage still. Yep — let’s stay healthy Joanne.

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  2. It’s shocking how many people are not taking this seriously. Apparently one in five Canadians think the COVID-19 pandemic is blown out of proportion according to this recent survey:
    We’ve been fortunate in Canada that we haven’t had as many cases or deaths compared to many countries in Europe or even the United States. But that could all change overnight if people are not being responsible. Sigh.


    1. Heavy sigh isn’t it. We can only control our choices but in the end collectively everyone’s choices will show up in the numbers. Thanks for the link and the comment. Nice to have you drop by.
      Stay safe.

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  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean, as I rant and rave about it in the closed space of my own home… The attached article is not bad, but the embedded video of the Italian mayors yelling at people is intensely cathartic (for some reason if I send a video link only, it’s to a slightly different version). This morning’s snowstorm should have a good effect on at least part of SK, but guys! Come on!!!


    1. Oh man great link. Interesting how, in the British article, they state their government was slow to get with the program. My English cousins don’t appear to have waited on Boris. Which is good.
      Yeah the spring Blizzard snow storm will keep a few home today but that +9 day in the forecast?? I hope so as we have 71 ventilators in a province of over 1 million people. Our professional friends will be making hard decisions.
      Thanks for reading and commenting
      Stay isolated 😂. For other readers, when she is in Canada, she lives very remote and self sustaining. Virtual hugs to you (in the era that you finally get HUGS) and to Ma. Take care


    1. As I said to Allan I almost didn’t hit publish as I am quite sure my readership is already taking this seriously. But I strongly felt that it needed to be said so thanks for the support that I at least said it well. Stay safe Deb.

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  4. Good rant, Bernie. And so true. We have been phoning/Skyping many people and most of them take this thing seriously. But, we chatted with long time friends yesterday who think we are crazy for all the steps we are taking. They still join their daughter for Sunday dinner and have an oh well, its only a cold, we are healthy, we will be OK. Hmmmmm. If everyone follows the rules, we all have a hope of coming out the other side of this. Stay well and stay ranty. Allan


    1. Ah thanks for the last sentence. I almost didn’t hit publish as I felt that perhaps my audience didn’t need my rant.
      It seems most that I know are taking it very seriously. I have so many front line friends who have separated themselves from their family — that’s a serious committment to stopping the spread and bloody hard to do. After my worst shifts I NEEDED a hug from my other half to help settle me even if no words were ever spoken.
      Stay safe and keep taking those precautions Allan.

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  5. I have stopped watching the news Bernie – for that very reason. I struggle to cope with our inhumane response to other people’s well-being, and the fact we keep putting people at risk. My husband and I have been in self-isolation since March 5th when he got a cold and I realized that I would be the one bringing germs home to his COPD compromised lungs if I did not stay home with him. Other than walking with my dog, I’m finding ways to amuse myself, expand myself and calm myself. And as you say, it’s not all that difficult.
    Thanks for speaking what I struggle to say, Stay the ……… home!

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