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Life in a bubble

It’s strangely easy to practice social distancing when one lives a rural lifestyle. It’s quite rare for neighbors to drop by. It’s just us, the dog and the cats. Nothing different than an ordinary weekend minus our off spring and the little ones visiting.

Only it’s vastly different than a month ago…. the world pandemic has made its way here. Albeit slower than elsewhere and our numbers aren’t climbing like crazy, yet.

So here we are, practicing social distancing. Doing our part to keep the pandemic in check.

In some ways it’s just like I’ve gone into full retirement with my lay off notice as of Friday. It’s not a surprise at all. Hopefully it will be relatively short term but, as with most things right now, no one knows for sure. I’ve got a good pension, two full freezers, a cold storage room and a well stocked pantry so I know I am one of the fortunate ones.

I am, as per usual, keeping busy. I’ve started one heck of a big project alongside my other half. I may have dragged him into it but he’s being fairly enthusiastic.

I’m staying very creative as well on a variety of levels. It feels great to dive into a project and know that I won’t have to leave and go attend something..

All of my social obligations have been cancelled. No rushing in for a soccer game or a meeting. No lunch with a friend or cousin. No errands and no appointments. As an aside my hair is not going to last long at staying short but there is no social distance from your hair dresser. May just have to trust my other half with the clippers.

Which is when it hits home just how tumultuous the world has become. When a haircut, which seems like an ordinary kind of thing, comes with risks that make one hesitate. It falls strictly on the shoulders and choices of each of us how this damaging virus will be transmitted around our spaces. But the impact will be felt by all.

It’s unbelievable that there are people out there who won’t make the right decisions. Back from airplane travel and the next day in a store. Variations of this story abound. This is how the virus goes rampant across a country. This link talks about the Canadian Government Actions to address this issue. It happens in the city and in small towns. It seems, because it’s invisible, that the warning doesn’t apply to these travelers.

Doctors warn that we need to take this very seriously. The government is doing all it can. Universities are sending supplies to labs. Front line workers are going non stop to try and help society. Industry is stepping up. In Italy they have used a 3D printer to produce the value needed for ventilators. Lessons need to be learnt from China, Italy and Taiwan. We need to step up as a society and do what we can.

Which means, for the average citizen, nothing. We’re being asked to stay home. We need to practice social distancing, use common sense when we absolutely must venture into society and we must practice good hand washing. That’s what is going to win this war. That’s what is going to help those in the front line of this pandemic and those fighting it within their body.

I didn’t set out to sound so dramatic but, despite my bubble, the gravity of the situation is apparent. There are positives in this timeline; like China flying supplies and medical personnel to Italy. Like the mega work of laboratories across Canada.

Let us hope that “it” will be like the storm pictured below which looks intense but only gave us a few spits of rain and wind.. but let us prepare for what it looks like it could have been.

Let’s stay together while we stand apart.


10 thoughts on “Life in a bubble

  1. If we all lived like we were the infected one (staying home and doing nothing but taking care of ourselves) we could make a huge difference in flattening the curve! Prepare for the worst, hope for the best! Don’t panic, but be informed so that we can make wise decisions. Virtual hugs are precious too!


    1. Exactly. I am sure my readers are all complient but how to reach those who aren’t realizing that their every action will create a chain effect. Thanks for the comment and the virtual hug.


  2. Lovely.
    I know what you mean about the hair-dresser. I really need to get to my chiro but my husband and I are in self-isolation. His COPD leaves him too vulnerable to this virus and I do not want to carry anything back into our home. So… we keep our distance, self-isolate, spend time doing things together (I skunked him at Crib yesterday! 🙂 ) and spend time doing our separate things. After two weeks battling a cold, he finally feels well enough to come sit in my studio and read while I paint. My daughter and a couple of her friends are doing the grocery shopping for us so there is no reason to mingle in public. Beaumont is oblivious to what’s happening as he still gets his twice-daily walks to the offleash. I am liking this quieter pace.


    1. Glad you have the support needed that you don’t even need to go out for groceries. Dogs still need walks but social distancing is fairly easy on a trail. We are so busy with projects that we haven’t gotten into games yet. He still works from home so Monday to Friday is just regular life for’s just the lack of evening soccer that changes our life and my volunteer work. Thanks for stopping in and commenting. Stay safe. Virtual hugs.


  3. It all feels kind of strange, does it not Bernie? Society has to come together by staying apart. If we have no concerns about infecting ourselves, we should be thoughtful about what infecting others might do. I was absolutely infuriated by those Florida beach kids saying they were not worried and that we should let them handle the crisis in their own way. These kids are the future of the human race? God help us. In any case, stay well, stay busy and stay positive. Allan


    1. I’m doing all those things Allan even if my post came off as negative. The real issue is, as you said, those that aren’t taking it seriously.
      Thanks, as usual, for reading and commenting. Take care.


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