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Pi Day

It seems to me that in times of stress we need to band together and support one another. Maybe we can’t hug but we can stay together while standing apart. We can’t convene in large groups but we can still


enjoy pie. Didn’t see that coming I’m sure! I’m not trying to make light of the current situation as it’s very real. The world news is stark and the days ahead are full of uncertainty. All the more reason to support one another; share our toilet paper supplies (😏) and reach out in fellowship.

We got together last night, no hugs and an appropriate distance apart, for our dessert night. We made pie  in honour of pie day but the cream puffs were the  one that may have had some of us reaching for seconds. I mean, come on, they are like two bites and are full of air and whipped cream so how could they be bad for you? In my world whipped cream ranks right at the top of the food chain along with chocolate. The real winner was the support we felt from our fellowship time. We talked of the pandemic but also touched on many other important, to us, subjects like all our grandchildren and our children. The five of us go a long ways back and it’s always great to spend time together.

Today’s pie was a result of left over pastry and the fact that today was pie day. I also have apple filling squirreled away in the freezer awaiting such a situation. It went quite nicely with a roast chicken dinner shared with loved ones.

We had some items planned for today that required our son in law. Which means that Annabelle got to help Grampa and Nan build the last table. I read an interesting blog post today about how food connects us; shared recipes and fellowship at the table. Thoughts of others  stream through our memories when we eat certain foods. How the smell of roasting chicken can transport us back to a simpler time.

Stay together my friends while we stand apart. And if in doubt put whipping cream on the pie 😏.


4 thoughts on “Pi Day

  1. Truth – stand together, while standing apart!
    While we are struggling to understand this new normal, we have to be ready and willing to receive and offer support to our family, friends and neighbours when we see them in need. Thank you for lighting our way!


    1. Thanks for the lovely comment and for connecting via the comment button.
      I’ve reached out to a few friends already this weekend and will continue to do so. I think most of us just want to talk about how the it’s changing society and the insane panic shopping that is occurring.
      Stay safe. Virtual hugs rock!


  2. Good timely Pi Day post, Bernie. We are in Vancouver right now where Canada’s cases started. While it is still nice to be in Vancouver, especially during blossom time, there is no denying that it is different, but the people here go on with a certain amount of pragmatism and a lot less panic than the people back home, who are emptying store shelves. We are lucky and have a pie shop (Tartine’s on Davie) just steps away. Our pie of choice last evening was sour cherry. Stay well Bernie. Allan


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