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Using it!

Today I decided I had better “use it before I lose it” and so I spent 45 mins non stop on the

orbital sander. That will build up some muscles that I’ve lost! The sander and I have been spending quite a bit of time together as work continues on the three table tops.

I feel driven to complete them and with the assistance and knowledge of my other half I feel like we crested the hill today. We now have table top 1 ready to assemble (standing against the wall) and then one last sand and final coat of the top. Table top 2 (on the work mates) is at the ugly stage with filler in the crevices and will get it’s last big sand tomorrow. Then it’s on to the stain and finish. Table top 3 (on the floor under weights!)is now together and once the glue is dry it is ready to be planed, sanded and then on to the finishing aspect.

We’ve got a significant amount of controlled “mess” in the basement and company coming in 5 days so it’s definitely do it time. I do NOT want to pack it all away and pull it back out after. I am committed to carrying these pieces all up to the attic and creating 3 new/antique tables in the near future.

Today I learnt how to use the Kreg jig. I equate it to the variable angle guide in the locking plate set for any of my nursing friends. Now the face boards have the holes ready for the screws to attach them to the table top. I recognize that I’m just the technician here and the brains was actually the guy doing the measurements but hey it was fun and it was progress.

It’s one line item on my to do list and it’s consuming me. It’s a good thing I got the three tea party dress done early and the special birthday gift so I can focus on this. It’s been unusual that the weather has cooperated and warmed up so that the sanding and sanding can happen outside.

Next post about these tables – let’s hope I can show you the final product!



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4 thoughts on “Using it!

  1. Can hardly wait to see them! Side note….there was no comment section on your last blog entry


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