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Trial & Error

A few years ago, well actually a couple of decades ago if I’m being honest, I used to be a fair hand at baking bread. Now my buns, according to my son, made good hockey pucks but the bread was good. Then the kids moved out, I went back to work full time and my other half declared he preferred french bread for his grilled cheese.

Today I set out to bake french bread. This despite the fact that he brought home a loaf even though the grocery list didn’t mention buying bread. Traditional yeast was on the list as that’s what the recipe called for. That was a bust though, as not a single one of them bloomed. The water was just right at Goldilocks would have said and I double checked that a metal bowl was ok.

Plan B instant yeast. Started mixing and then the bowl bites the dust as far as staying in the kitchen machine stand. This has been an ongoing issue but it was particularly bad today.

With 2 cups of flour left I turned to hand mixing and then kneeding. And kneeding and kneeding. And kneeding. Man it didn’t want to mix it and at this point I am lamenting the lack of pigs as I am sure it might as well go to them. But I kept going.

It actually rose in the oven which totally surprised me. So I proceeded to put it onto a sheet and let it proof for the final time and the wet towel stuck to it. Crap. Turned the oven on and brought out a loaf of French bread.

It’s not perfect as it’s a bit dense but it’s edible and a start. Trial and error. Practise will indeed make better. The plus side was that the oven was on during this hibernation kind of day.


8 thoughts on “Trial & Error

  1. I love baking bread — both by hand and by using my stand mixer. sometimes, it’s great. Sometimes, it’s okay. Fortunately, I seem to have moved beyond the hockey puck type (my first attempts decades ago). There is something affirming and relaxing about kneading dough.

    Your bread looks amazing!


  2. I have tried to bake bread few times years ago but never succeeded. Then my husband took over, it didn’t raise properly at first , someday it got burned a bit but now it coming out pretty good 😋.

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    1. My husband always does the pizza dough and it’s amazing. I’m sure he could do this as well but it was something I wanted to pick back up. Will keep trying.
      Hope things are well with you Ellie. Thanks for stopping in to comment.

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  3. Dessert Night should be changed up to Carb Night – I would like that! This looks amazing! 😉 Excellent job, Bernie!


  4. Bread is a process. My Mom made it all look so easy, I did a lot of hand kneading on my last Levain and proofed 2 loaves in the fridge over night. They were the best yet. I always say, you only learn by making mistakes. I am learning a lot. Cheers Bernie. Allan


    1. I did 6 loaves every week and made it look easy. For over two decades. Might be interesting to go back to that basic bread recipe and try it again. What we would do with 6 loaves and 2 pigs in the freezer I’m not sure!
      My daughter proofs her cinnamon buns in the cold storage room over night. They are so good so guess you two are onto something.
      Thanks for stopping in and commenting. Stay warm.


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