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Unplanned Stoppage

I’m an old hand at it and yet they doesn’t make it one bit easier. It requires a heavy dose of patience and a lot of

distraction. Even then I make a fairly lousy patient.

The positive news is that while I did indeed twist my ankle last evening I don’t think I actually tore “much”. So I’m somewhat hopeful that in a few days it will almost be activity as usual. The reality is, at my age😏, it may take a smidgein longer to heal up.

But I’m doing all the right things; rest, ice, compression, elevation and drugs. The pillows are stacked for maximum height. There is a large stack of ice packs in the freezer so I’ve got a steady rotation of them and I’ve got a supportive husband to decrease my steps. I’ve got my old Ortho boot for support so can do the stairs with it.

I’ve also got a decent amount of “still” type projects that I can rotate through to keep from losing my mind. I could even read a book or two I guess. The sitting still is what gets me.

It’s super important though for me to remember the bigger picture and that this is a temporary sports injury. This isn’t cancer or a debilitating condition. This isn’t for life, this is just an unplanned stoppage.

The one thing I can’t figure out though is why family and friends think I should quit soccer. Yes I’ve had some injuries but none that ever required hospitalization, surgery or a life time of medications. Mine have all been ligament and tendons. They heal and then it’s time to get moving again. That’s the bottom line — movement. Just right now not too much of it!


6 thoughts on “Unplanned Stoppage

    1. It can happen in just one millisecond and then boom. Unplanned stoppage. I will for sure rest and rehab. Bummer as we finally have enough snow for taking the snow shoes out!


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