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Over @365

The irony of this is not lost on me at all. First we had the

1918 Eaton’s Eager house blog. I felt compelled to stay true to its roots as a journal of our house restoration and homesteading.

So… cue in the second blog. This one, the one that has some followers and sees a respectable amount of readers. But alas, even with an upgraded plan, the space is not limitless. Plus the content is always thought out, often researched and always edited. Pictures searched for and conclusions contemplated. Themes developed and pages to record journeys of all sorts.

So…cue in the third blog which is called 365Snap. It’s a daily photo, unedited. It’s a small amount of words, vaguely strung together that might or might not pass for prose. It’s less than 5 minutes from start to publish. I don’t plan for that to change. Perhaps it won’t ever have a lot of followers or readership but it’s a great challenge to see something and record it and my reactions.

It doesn’t mean this one will see less action as they are quite different than each other. I also recognize that the less you post the more readers you lose. It’s seems that less becomes irrelevant and more finds more likes and comments. But, as always, the reason I write is first and foremost that I love words. The ebb and flow, the fleshing out of ideas and the pull of the story. So stay tuned; here or there or even “way over there” on the original. I will be around but as per usual January only sees a few posts after the advent activity heavy December.


4 thoughts on “Over @365

    1. Oh the mess is real!! The youngest is such a going concern and is NEVER still. Little A would play with stuff up in the attic but he just never sits still to play. Oh well I did manage to sew so that’s something! And the mess cleans up

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    1. Crazy messy when they roll out but I will take it! Little A played with the teddy bears, did some drawing and generally used her imagination up there. The wee wild one just threw everything around and used the garbage can and the chairs as walkers! But I managed to spend 1.5 hours cutting out a dress and sewing it up. My model was very cooperative. The mess didn’t really matter. The sunshine was like the icing on the cake!
      Thanks for stopping in over here on the new site.


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