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Today we set about to dismantle

Christmas in our house which caused me to reflect about the spirit of the season.

May we continue, throughout the year, to have the grace to give from our hearts of our time and from our wallets as it fits.

May we be kind and remember to extend that same kindness to ourselves.

May we be grateful for all that blessings in our lives even though there may be dark times.


7 thoughts on “Dismantled

  1. We undecorated today as well and I am grateful to have the house back to normal. I agree, we all need to retain the true spirit of Christmas throughout the year, rather than just for a week or a month. Cheers. Allan


    1. That’s exactly what I felt as we packed it all away — that and the fact that downsizing Christmas decor in the next 15 years is in order!
      Thanks for stopping in.


  2. I had to dismantle Christmas in our old home on the 26th. Way to soon but really made our move and new season real. Peace…


    1. I’ve been thinking about you quite a bit over the last few days and as we packed up Christmas you really were forefront in my mind. So many changes for you.
      Thanks for stopping in to comment. Good luck with getting settled.


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