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Not Much

It was to be a year where I Solemnly Swear to embrace change and yet I feel like change didn’t occur quite like I expected. In fact by

mid November I had a small epiphany moment about the “lack of change”.

I did indeed retire from my full time job but picked up two part time jobs that kept me still connected in the Encore Act and quite busy professionally.

All that extra time I felt like I was going to have did not indeed really materialize. Working 2 to 3 days a week, on average, still fills the week up especially when I add in the Littles for another day. The new jobs are turning out to be just the right mix of challenge and reward. The thing they don’t have, overall, is much stress.

A friend, whom we hadn’t seen for a while, asked if I was a lot less stressed now that I had retired and my other half answered before I could even speak. He said “she’s a lot more relaxed than she used to be” and I think that’s the change that occurred. My stress level fell away with when the responsibilities of the career job.

The change from full time to part time work brought a change in pay. I am drawing my pension and basically supplementing it for the next few years so at this point in time we are not true “FI’ers”. The fixed income will come when we both pull the pin on working. Having said that we still view our expenses through that lens. We have not learnt, yet, to relax the concerns about living a fiscally responsible lifestyle and perhaps that is a good thing. It could turn out to be a good balance in living mindfully and enjoying life.

I’ve already given myself a non passing grade here in That Balance Thing Again. It seems I am a bit of a slow learner when it comes to self care and I really need to pick up my socks. I think the lesson learnt in the above post will feature predominately in 2020.

The past year has been, through any lens, a good one. Albeit that the word of the year, change may not have been quite as significant or as radical as I was expecting.



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