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It turns out that I inadvertently flipped

the advent activities. Which turned out to be for the best actually. One of those serendipitous occurences.

We have the Littles for the day and night. Our walking takes a different format with a 2 year old and a 10 month old and holding hands seems quite unlikely even if it’s just for a photo op.

Late last evening I was preparing a baking tray as a thank you for a neighborly gesture. Turns out there were only 8 pieces of Nanimo bars which is certainly not good news when it is a family favourite and they all arrive to stay tomorrow.

So it was perfect that the advent activity was to enjoy some last minute baking! I spent the morning doing just that. Then Little A “helped” me put the chocolate on top the bars and the turtle tarts. Bonus points that Grampa cut the bars and put it all away.

Which means I think we are ready for Christmas, at least from a food perspective. We did the Costco run for the fresh turkey, eggs, milk and assorted other items. The aisles were full but the check out was a breeze, especially because Little A helped unpack and reload all the groceries.

I might still need to spend some time in Nan’s workshop to finish up one or two gifts.