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Advent Reality

The reality of this photo appears to be us

walking and holding hands. In actuality our choice of directions made that very difficult and so we staged a photo. Which accomplished the advent activity for the day. Plus got a nice prairie pasture walk in for all of us.

I could leave it there and hit publish but… Sometimes the actuality isn’t in what we see. Family photos, social media posts, the standard answer “fine” can all hide the true reality. Many struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction or loneliness. The holiday season can be financially difficult. What we “see” is often the mask and the reality is no where near that.

Take a moment to really connect with those around us.


4 thoughts on “Advent Reality

    1. Thank you Louise for the comment and the compliment.
      It’s true that the struggle is so real for so many — it may appear to be ok on the facade but inside the person or the family or their entire world could be falling to pieces.


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