Posted in Advent Calendar, Food

“Week End” Treat

As a treat to ourselves, at the end of a long week, it’s always nice to

sit down and relax with a good meal and nice drink. It’s a bonus for us that we both like to cook way more than we like to dine out. Tonight we will share those talents and fulfill another advent activity.

The meal won’t be super fancy but it will be tasty. Oven roasted garden veggies (the last beet and perhaps the last couple of parsnips), baked potatoes and pork loin. Fresh out of the pen a few days ago. We will top that off with homemade eggnog and a dram or two of whiskey. Not much better way to end the week than that.

There was a bit of Scruffy indeed Hospitality as those scotch bottles we talked about and drank from were slightly dusty. The dogs and the floor are a never win. The flowers, once fresh and festive, look decidedly raggy. The dishes sat piled disjointedly on the kitchen counter as the conversation flowed in front room. All in all the perfect end to a busy week.


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