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Let It Glow

The advent calendars meshed again

today and the Little’s joined us to enjoy the warm glow of an inside light show. It’s all the rage this year here in Saskatoon. It is on the expensive side of the spectrum but it’s important to keep in mind that building memories and sharing experiences is more important. We aren’t guaranteed a certain number of days here on earth and these pictures and memories from today are precious.

So we went to GLOW and it was enchanting for the Littles. All those lights, the sounds and the activities. We collected stamps on a card, talked to Santa, road in his sleigh with reindeer and played in the playgrounds. Baby C stood by himself and Little A loved the swings and the horses. We took a zillion pictures and laughed a lot. There were a lot of smiles and despite the good wipe out you are about to witness “no tears”.

It probably loaded sideways like it always does but I’m not going to stress about it at all.

I’m certain it would be almost impossible to pick just one favourite picture so, with momma’s blessings, I’m sharing two collages.

Through the eyes of little children it certainly was a fun time. I’m glad we had the chance to enjoy this special outing with our two sweet Littles.


2 thoughts on “Let It Glow

    1. These are special years for sure and we are so blessed to be able to share it regularly with our littles.
      Thanks for stopping in and commenting. Have a good Christmas.


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