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Funny how size matters. My

15 pieces of baking paled in comparison to the 15 monster cookies. How odd that we’d put the same number of goodies on a tray and brought them to work on the same day.

My wonderful co-worker had brought monster cookies and somehow I’ve never baked them or even eaten them. But now I’ve eaten them and scored the recipe. They won’t be a Christmas staple but I can see them becoming a regular item in the cookie jar. My other half will love them.

The advent activity “share baking” for today is done and the sun isn’t even up yet. Blog post completed which will leave me with time still on my break to update my Christmas to do list.

Have a good day everyone.


Late breaking news — it just seemed too easy so once home I whipped up my 6 ingredient brownies. They, alongside some excess shortbread cookies, will accompany my husband to his soccer game tonight for post game munchies. Minus any cannabis 2.0 edibles!

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