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Blank slate filled

The calendar was a blank slate leading one too believe that hours could be whiled away on

creating or chilling out. The day itself dawned cloudy and bleak, another dull December day for the books so to speak.

Both those things changed in a few hours and for a few hours.

The sun burst out of the low clouds by 11:30. It never fails to amaze me how my inner core just starts to hum and I sigh with a deep seated feeling of well being. It continued on its short southern trek across the sky and I enjoyed the vibrant colours for those hours. I took some chill out time in the stairwell to bask in the sun.

By mid morning we had visitors. A young couple who had heard about our little foster puppy, Jura, and wanted to meet him with the hopes of adopting him. Like most people they fell in love with the sweetheart but time will tell.

Once they departed I had a few minutes to get an impromptu lunch organized before my sister and brother-in-law rolled in. Our place isn’t the most convenient lunch break on their 10 hour car trip so we were happy when they said they would drop in. I made her favourite soup and sandwich and topped that off with Nanaimo bars! Our son and daughter-in-law also popped out to share in lunch although I think it was breakfast for our son. It was a short visit and a bit chaotic with 5 dogs sorting each other out.

Meanwhile my other half drove away to attend a last minute meet and greet for a construction project that he hopes to be involved in. The plus side of that was the alone time after all the company rolled out. The dogs were exhausted and sleeping soundly on the mat while I enjoyed my stair well time recharging my batteries and being creative.

The afternoon sun shifted and my back said it was time to move. I drifted back into the sunshine which happened to be right at my cutting table by this point in the afternoon. I spent a happy hour there creating more Christmas magic but eventually reality returned and I put on my layers. The sun sunk quickly into the horizon and with it the wind settled to a breeze. The dogs and I enjoyed a quiet interlude as we crunched through the snow.

The evening activities meshed as the advent ones and so we sat by the fire and listened to music. I didn’t pick up a book and read as it suggested because that’s a recipe for not finishing all the items listed in Nan’s Workshop. I did, on the other hand, enjoy the music and the movie as my hands kept busy with gift details.

Which lead to a last minute rush to do the dishes, make breakfast and lunch plus prepare for tomorrow’s advent activity. For a blank slate day it certainly filled up. It was a nice balance of family and alone time, exercise and creativity topped off with the evening “main show” advent fire and a movie. Now reality has hit as I just punched in my alarm to ring 4 times in the next 6 days as I work my way towards Christmas break.


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