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Solid Salad

The garden beets got a light drizzling of truffle oil and a dash to sea salt. The

heat of the oven worked it’s magic and they sat upon the salad. The soft crunch of the pistachios merged with the sweet feta. The salad dressing was created by a deft hand and had a tangy Asian bite to it.

I’ve written before that I wouldn’t make it as a food blogger but once again I’m about to do a food blog. It’s actually an advent activity. An easy one that I managed to do easily, the same of which can not be said for a messy sucess or not quite but sort of?

The activity today was to treat oneself to an adventurous salad.

While I’ve had many beet salads I’ve never had one of with hot beets. A change of the usual nuts and a spicy Asian salad dressing and there was our adventerous salad. We paired it with horseradish potato pancakes and left over turkey. The #flatlay photo never looks that appealing but the taste of it was really good.