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Messy Success

It just goes to show you that life is full of twists and turns. Today’s advent activity should have been a

walk in the park, so to speak, for someone as experienced in baking as I am.

My advent activity jived with Little A’s activity again and so it was cookie day! Now along with Little A also comes the endlessly active Baby A and puppy Jura. Sure glad that Grampa was available to help!

The first batch, cinnamon twists, turned a bit disastrous when I tried to make a full batch in the food processor. Huge mess but they tasted good and little A helped with the measuring, rolling out, cutting and rolling up. As you can see Baby C was also getting into the action here.

During the shortest nap in history we made whipped shortbread cookies. But we put in 3 cups of icing sugar and not 3 cups of flour. So then we had to add more butter, corn starch (but we ran out of it) and more flour. Stressed the mixing machine to the max and made a huge mess (again). Plus we did pan after pan after pan of cookies. Little A was a pro at adding sprinkles.

At which point in time I said enough baking. We went for a dog walk/tobbogan ride, played downstairs and built block houses. Rounded out the day with delicious turkey stew and dumplings that Little A helped with.

The best part by far was that Little A was so excited about making cookies with Nan and Grampa. Plus she got two cookies to eat today and I am sure that was her highlight! As a bonus we made so many cookies they took home two containers.

My heart is full of such love. It’s so special to spend these holiday activities with our grandchildren. We are so blessed.


5 thoughts on “Messy Success

  1. It is amazing that we can make cooking disasters and that it all still tastes great. The wee ones do not care about the look, only the taste and time with Nan. Mission accomplished. Enjoy the weekend Bernie. Allan


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