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Me – Early?

The odds that I am ever early is fairly slim! There’s a reason why that is but I won’t digress into that long story now. I’ll just tell you that today I was 5 days early. That’s like

crazy in my books and it wasn’t a mistake.

The advent activity for today was to treat yourself to flowers. “Frugal Me” bought them on Friday at Costco and I even threw in a set of fresh greens. A splurge for me! I wanted them for this past weekend and thought that getting them while I was grocery shopping made sense.

I’m so glad I went all out! Love the touches of green outside and in the house. Happier with the flowers now that I finally found 10 minutes to rearrange them. I love the festive colours and all the white little lights that are in many of the arrangements.

This was one tick box that will give me joy for quite some time.


2 thoughts on “Me – Early?

  1. Agreed – I went out yesterday, even though it was cold – and bought myself some flowers! It warmed up my whole day ….. and many more to come. Such simple things to recharge our senses and emotions!


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