Posted in Advent Calendar

Once Again

I had thought, a year ago, that the Nine Day Blessing, would be the final one. That after I

retired I wouldn’t have the same opportunity to open up our house and home to co-workers.

Ah but because I still work casual in a great place I was able to open the doors of our old house and hold a potluck to celebrate the season of giving and sharing.

It was a much smaller quieter crew which seemed just right. The meal was delicious with a great variety of appetizers, veggies that complemented the turkey and a great amaretto cheesecake for dessert.

We then participated in a fun gift exchange; something that is way harder to do in with a big crew.

The house shone in its Christmas decor but more importantly was that we shared our blessings. So it was another successful dinner and an advent calendar activity check mark.


Daily advent blogging means less sharing of other items like the fact that we picked up a foster puppy a few days ago. He’s a real little sweetheart and was the star of the party tonight.

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