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Ticked that One

I most definitely managed to tick off that one

on my Advent Calendar. Did you think I was going to say I managed to tick off that one person? Exact opposite for today!

Today’s “task” was to gift everyone with a smile. It was also to compliment three people and that’s where it gets interesting. I accomplished that while at work but ended up giving one more spontaneous unexpected compliment.

To set the stage; I was at Doors Open to pick up someone who needed a ride home from their English class. I was a few minutes early and went into the reception area. Typical office except for one thing; there were these amazing photos of Saskatoon on the walls. Stunning colours, the light captured perfectly in each one. No name or identifying marking in any way.

I said to the receptionist that they were lovely photos on the wall. She said thank you. I asked if she knew who had taken them and she said she had. I told her how fabulous I thought they were and that’s when she told me that she had calendars for sale. I thought it was for a fundraiser but she said it was for her travel fund as working in the non profit sector wasn’t very well paying. I had my keys and no cash but I expressed to her my appreciation for her artistic eye. We parted ways.

It felt good to give those words. Totally honest words as I had zero idea she was the camera owner behind the visions I saw. I wish I could end the post with one of her pictures but I don’t have a name so will use one of my photos. While I have been lucky enough to capture some good light here at home none of my downtown Saskatoon pictures do it justice.



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