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Trim the Tree

It’s the start of the Advent season and that means kindness, gratitude and a host of activities. It’s a busy season that can often become overwhelming and that’s where the

advent calendar helps. It’s a gentle reminder to focus outside the presents, the traffic and the expectations. It’s time to focus on experiences and lending a helping hand or reaching out to touch a shoulder of someone who needs to know they aren’t alone.

Today’s activity from the calendar was to trim the tree. We took that literally. The “girls” and Baby C took a road trip up to a tree farm.

A sleigh for the trees, a sleigh for the kids and off we went into the trees as the sun shone brightly down upon us. There was no wind and almost everyone had fun. There was a certain wee lad who wasn’t all that keen but he sure looks cute with his “matchin” sister. We topped it off with learning how to make a snow angel and some hot chocolate.

I hope this becomes a yearly tradition as the trees are amazing, the price is good and it’s a fun outing for sure.

I then spent the evening working on the other activity that was listed but the least fun part of it. It’s a reality that sometimes things in life aren’t all fun and games. I’ve been updating the address labels for the Christmas cards and that program and I have a major dislike of each other. I sort of won even if they aren’t all the same font.🤷

The sunshine, the smiles, the family time and the quiet evening at home have all been a wonderful start to the Advent season.


3 thoughts on “Trim the Tree

  1. Its been a while since my family chased around the forest looking for a tree, but I remember it was a lot of fun. Our friends in NZ have a Christmas tree farm and we spent Christmas there one year. That was magical. They are now selling their place, as it was a lot of work for them. Thanks for sharing Bernie. Allan


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