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November Gratitude A to Z

The snow drifts gently earthbound. The sun hidden, once again it seems, by this incessant cloud cover. I’d like to complain but it’s not

worth the breath as you can’t control the weather. I turn my thoughts to what I can focus on and it strikes me that, despite a dull cloudy month, there is still much to be grateful for.

I read a blog post where the writer did an alphabetical listing of gratitude from recent pictures. I decided to challenge myself to tell the story through my camera “roll” for the month of November. I almost found something that represents every letter of the alphabet. Guess it’s a good thing SO many photos!

Now you might have to think hard to appreciate what the item is.

Still trying to decide if I should do a little what’s what or just leave you to figure it out.

Upon reflection I’m going to let it stand alone and if you can’t figure it out leave me a comment. The 27th one is Colton climbing — changing the pictures in the collage is a pain so I didn’t do it. The only “cheater” one was of the zoo — that’s from August not Sept.

Let me know how you do!


PS — tomorrow is the start of another tradition. The Kindness Advent Calendar activities so I will be blogging daily for 25 days and sharing how my friends and I try to make our worlds a better place to live in this season of giving.

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