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No Contest

I often think, when in the middle of rampant insomnia, that I should have my

grands and at least I would be doing something worth while when I’m not sleeping. Put that theory to the test last night.

The difference isn’t in the sleep it’s in the quality of the rest! When you are laying in a single bed with a toddler it can be squishy and not in a good cuddly way. Or with the very restless infant who is laying on your tummy one minute and the next is squirming over your head or off the bed! Plus the lifting on an already cranky back. Up and down out of our portal crib, up off the floor in the case of the toddler.

It was the same amount of sleep that I get on a bad insomnia night and the quality of sleep was about the same. One can function easily enough on 3 hours of sleep but I can say for sure I felt more tired today.

They both went to sleep so easily and that should have been our first warning! It went down hill about 4 hours after that but alas we were still awake. In the hot tub actually when the toddler awoke. It took a significant length of time to settle – way longer than at bedtime and Nan couldn’t leave. But I had to leave because the wee lad was awake. Which was another significant length of time.

I will spare you all the details of the broken night sleep but will tell you the thing I did focus on. How lucky I am. To have them here for the night. How in 10 years I won’t have the opportunity to snuggle at night. How happy I am to give their parents a nights rest. How supportive my other half is with doing “his share”. How good babies smell at night and how soft little girls skin is on the cheek. How they wake up happy in the morning. How my heart was so full even while my back was aching.

It would be a post without a photo except that I snapped a selfie,one of my least favourite things to do, while the wee lad had the second part of his nap on me today.

Now I’m off to bed!


8 thoughts on “No Contest

  1. I remember those days with my babies and sometimes with my grandkids, sleepless nights, babies smell, their peaceful sleeping faces 💕. What a great memory for me, and how blessed you are for still experiencing. 💫


    1. It is just the best. Well not the part where they didn’t sleep but all the rest of it. Being so involved in their lives is special. Not something I had or my children had although my kids did go to the farm lots but it wasn’t weekly that’s for sure.


  2. Why is it that as we get older, we can no longer sleep like a baby? A good night’s sleep is hard to come by, for sure. But, I agree with you, if you can not sleep, you may as well be doing something, instead of just lying there. Wishing a better night’s sleep for you tonight, Bernie. Allan


    1. Oh I slept so well. But apparently the wee lad slept badly again. Like really badly. Just not sure what’s up with him but who invented that saying seems babies don’t sleep that well. How about sleep like a teenager!
      Thanks for stopping in and commenting Allan.


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