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Tin Tree

It certainly wasn’t on my to do list and not even an inkling in my head 3 days ago until I saw the inspiration starting point. Perhaps it was a “squirrel” moment but I actually think

it was just heeding the inspiration when it struck me.

8 pieces of old barn wood, a few cuts and I had the back created. Found a pre cut “holder” for it and had a spare board left over that was too short.

A trip up to the garage loft netted me a couple of options for left over tin. Then I had to ask for help. Holy smokes cutting that old tin is not an easy task at all. A bit of spray paint and dry time.

That was yesterday and then this evening we used shingle nails to attach the tree to the board. I pre cut garland and stuck it around. My other half had surprised me and picked up a battery powered indoor outdoor set of mini lights. We may have had a spare set but the Christmas stuff isn’t unearthed yet so this was so much easier. Staples the lights on. Trialed a couple of different words and then went for it with a black marker. Done. Just like that.

A rustic little outdoor sign. I’m not certain where it will live quite yet but I bet inspiration will strike.

I know without a doubt there were other things on the list that had a higher priority but it was just such a fun little project!


9 thoughts on “Tin Tree

  1. So cute. I love those kind of projects. Sadly not much Old stuff like that out here. Might have to put my thinking cap on! Well done.


    1. Thanks! It was so easy. Use natural things like dead tree branches and a wicker basket or wash tub. I do lots with tree shrub stuff that I go cut down. It’s great colour. Be creative — you’ve got this!


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